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Blick auf Frankfort und den Kentucky River, Bild: Real Window Creative / shutterstock

Kentucky – Whiskey, Barbecue and Jazz

The bluegrass state of Kentucky in the central-eastern part of the USA enjoys great fame beyond the country’s borders. Even though it is not actually a historical southern state, many people associate the southern states with this state. The “Commonwealth of Kentucky” is particularly famous not only for its barbecues and culinary specialties, but especially for the production of American whiskey. Bourbon originated here and even today many of the most famous whiskey brands from the States are closely associated with the state. But there is more to see than old distilleries and steakhouses.

Pure nature in the green Commonwealth of Kentucky

Louisville, Ohio River
The skyline of Louisville on the Ohio River, Image: Sean Pavone / shutterstock

If you are looking for impressive historical sights or a lot of entertainment, Kentucky is probably the wrong place for you. The state is considered one of the green meadows of the USA especially because of its nature and it is the sights of nature that attract vacationers from the USA but also from the rest of the world to the state. The name Bluegrass State, for example, comes from a special coloring of the meadows in autumn, when the extensive grassland shimmers almost blue. Even the Native Americans discovered these peculiarities for themselves and before their expulsion, countless tribes could be found in the fertile land.

The most important cities include the capital of the state, Frankfort, as well as the cities of Louisville and Lexington. Especially in the vicinity of Louisville there are many historic buildings and it is not for nothing that the city has built up the reputation of being a metropolis for country music and jazz. Beyond that, however, urbanization in Kentucky is rather low. Small villages and towns lead along the busiest roads in the state and holidaymakers will quickly find that they are welcomed with intense hospitality, especially here. One more reason why you don’t necessarily have to spend the night in the cities, but can also work your way through Kentucky on your own.

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The most beautiful sights in the vast nature of Kentucky

Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky
Mammoth Cave National Park, Image: ukawajung / shutterstock

Mammoth Cave National Park is certainly one of the things you should see when visiting Kentucky. It is one of the areas where human activity can be detected well before the year 0 on the American continent. The underground caves are considered to be the most extensive area of their kind and finds by indigenous people probably date back up to 6,000 years. Between the 19. and In the 20th century, it was businessmen and slaves who explored the caves and painted them on the first maps. Over time, the caves with their underground waterfalls and the River Styx developed into a sight to see and have remained so to this day.

Not quite the Grand Canyons, but still an impressive area of canyons and the work of the Red River, is the Red River Gorge. A paradise for climbers and hikers, who can work their way along the bulges that the river of the same name has left in the landscape over millions of years and is now considered one of the most impressive natural spectacles in the state.

If you are looking for beautiful destinations for the hike, you should pay a visit to the Cumberland Falls. The falls in the southeastern part of Kentucky are now a state park in their own right and are crisscrossed by hiking routes that are well suited for both hikers and cyclists. The highlight, of course, are the many small and large waterfalls that the Cumberland River feeds and that run like a swath through the green landscape.

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Experience Kentucky’s historic landmarks and culture

As a link between the southern and northern states, Kentucky is of course also an important part of US history and has some landmarks to offer that are worth a visit. For example, there is the Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park, which commemorates the birthplace of the famous president. Not only the replica of the former huts is interesting, but also the memorial square that was built and the museum, which deals with the life of the so important president, whose work is of course also strongly connected with the fate of the northern and southern states.

The famous Fort Knox is also worth a visit, although you shouldn’t hope to catch a glimpse of the gold that is supposedly stored here. It is above all a historical museum for the history of the place. In addition, there are many works of the famous whiskey brands in the area that can be visited. But here, too, the expectation should not be that you are allowed to come to a whiskey tasting. This is forbidden in these works and no alcohol may be poured out to the visitors.

Finally, of course, you should also have seen the beautiful cities of Kentucky, with Livingston standing out in particular. The city is still a center of culture in the United States and has a particularly active nightlife with bars and music. In addition, it is home to many famous museums, which can boast exhibits from the history of the USA and especially the southern states, as well as dealing with exactly how jazz and country music came to Livingston.