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New York – Metropolis of superlatives

No city in the world stands more for a potpourri of different social classes, all nations of the earth, freedom, big dreams, film sets, excessive shopping and skyscrapers whose end seems to disappear into the sky than New York. The metropolis in the USA is also called the Big Apple and pulsates around the clock, without rest periods. New York is addictive, it captivates travelers and doesn’t let them go once they first hit the streets.

Sights in the Big Apple

Top of the Rock

New York, Skyline
Impressive view over New York, Image: Taiga / shutterstock

An absolute must on a trip to New York is a visit to the observation deck of the famous Rockefeller Center. At an altitude of almost 260 meters, you can enjoy a 360-degree view over the city and have the best opportunities for photo ops of the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty in the distance and Central Park. The viewing terrace is very modern and the view from the 70th floor is indescribably beautiful and unforgettable. The ideal time to visit is in the late afternoon – that’s when you see Manhattan by day, sunset and in the breathtaking glow of lights.

Central Park

New York, Central Park
Central Park in New York, Image: GagliardiImages / shutterstock

Central Park is the green, beating heart of Manhattan and is larger in size than the Principality of Monaco. Explored on foot or by bike, it serves the recreation of New Yorkers and is of course also an oasis of peace for visitors to the city. In summer, free concerts are held there and there is the opportunity for numerous sporting activities in the great outdoors. In the winter months, you can skate on the Wollman and Lasker Rinks.

Empire State Building

High-speed lifts take visitors to the 381-metre-high building. On two observation decks in the 86th and 102nd floors, On the first floor, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of South Manhattan, the most famous photo motif, as well as the surrounding skyscrapers. Tickets should be ordered in advance on the Internet to avoid the queue and thus save valuable vacation time. The visit to the Observation Decks in the evening hours is particularly impressive – the Empire State Building is open until 2 a.m. and at these times the crowds are also lower.

5th Avenue

New York, 5th Avenue
The 5th Avenue, Image: View Apart / shutterstock

5th Avenue is home to many famous buildings such as Rockefeller Center, Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Guggenheim Museum and St. Patrick’s Cathedral and is above all the shopping paradise of the world. The street contours are known from films such as “Sex and the City”. Numerous flagship stores of major brands are based there and enchant women’s hearts. From jeweller Tifanny ́s to Victoria ́s Secret – underwear can be found on 5th Avenue.

Brooklyn Bridge

New York, Brooklyn Bridge
The Brooklyn Bridge, Image: Benedikt Juerges / shutterstock

The Brooklyn Bridge connects Brooklyn to Manhattan and is THE destination for walks with breathtaking views. Whether by day or night, a walk of about an hour over the Brooklyn Bridge is an unforgettable New York moment and at the same time probably the most beautiful way to look at the illuminated skyline in the evening. At the foot of the bridge there is delicious pizza and very good ice cream, which should not be missed. The walk should be done with a little time. You always discover new photo motifs and are fascinated by the incredible beauty of the brightly lit skyscrapers.

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Chinatown in southern Manhattan is one of New York’s top attractions that couldn’t be more authentic. About 90,000 Chinese live and work in this district, where you can browse their kitschy shops and taste the tastiest crispy duck in the world. Genuine Chinese cuisine at fair prices is a welcome change from New York’s burger joints. Chinatown is colorful and definitely worth a detour.


New York Williamsburg
Williamsburg is a creative neighborhood, Image: Valerii Iavtushenko / shutterstock

The Williamsburg neighborhood stands for creativity and freedom – it’s a colorful, beautiful contrast to chic Manhattan. Works of art made of graffiti line the house fronts and young people ride by on skateboards and creatively converted bicycles. Delicious scents emanate from the area’s food shops – Williamsburg is a mecca for food lovers and connoisseurs of unusual creations. The Smorgasburg Food Market offers delicacies from all over the world paired with many opportunities to try them for free.

High Line Park

The green-planted High Line Park was constructed on old rails in Westmanhattan in the old Meatpacking District and is used for recreation and long walks between the trendy blocks of the district. If you are looking for a short moment of peace and quiet from the vibrant life of the city, you can enjoy your coffee or a book here without pressure.

Times Square

New York, Times Square
Times Square, Image: BiksuTong / shutterstock

Times Square is so impressive with its many large neon signs, shops and life-size mascots that you should definitely plan a little time here so that all the dazzling impressions can take effect in peace. New York – Atmosphere at the touch of a button is guaranteed here. Even at night it is daylight there, as it shines and flashes from all sides – you can’t stop being amazed!

Times Square is also the theater district where the famous Broadway shows are performed. If you make it here on stage, you can make it anywhere – according to a well-known saying.

Special features of the city of New York

One of the special features of the city is definitely the unique atmosphere that grips you as soon as you roam the first blocks. Smoking manhole covers, as you know it from the big movies, paired with the smell of freshly fried burgers. New York has its own attitude to life and smells, which are always associated with it after a visit to the city as soon as they flow back into your nose. For such a large metropolis, it is special that all sights can be easily reached on foot. In addition, the checkerboard grid of the streets makes everything easy to find. A real special feature is also that the locals are really helpful with advice and support. It is enough to stand there armed with a city map and you will immediately be asked if you can be helped.

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For the Big Apple visit, it is recommended to pre-order tickets via the Internet in order to avoid all queues. This is as necessary in no other city as here. Heavily discounted Broadway tickets – Visitors can get tickets for the current glamorous shows on the red steps of Times Square on the day of the performance. Discounts of up to 60 percent are possible and the musicals are really worth seeing.

Specialties in New York

New York offers a variety of culinary specialties. Food trucks offer really good and cheap food in the form of burgers, pulled pork and chicken, Tex Mex food and ribs. Authentically grilled or smoked, these offers are a pure pleasure and literally disintegrate on the tongue. Typical for New York are also the halal barbecue stalls, which can be found on almost every corner. They offer kebab variants and bombastic barbecue skewers for a few dollars, the taste of which you will never forget. The candy stores are also genuinely American, such as M&M or Hershey’s chocolate. Even if you have no intentions of buying, you should definitely take a look at the interior and let it work on you – more America is almost impossible.

Other specialties of the city are the many filming locations from films and series, which can be visited individually or as part of a movie tour. Countless scenarios are recognizable here and you feel right in the middle of the Spiderman movie as soon as you stand in front of the Flatiron Building.
New York is a vibrant, never-sleeping city in all its facets. It exudes a magic that cannot be described in words, but should definitely be experienced for yourself. Contrary to all expectations, the Big Apple is also very clean and not dangerous. Certainly, certain areas such as the Bronx must be avoided, but Manhattan and all central areas are completely safe and harmless.

Facts about New York

  1. New York City is the largest city in the U.S. and has a population of over 8 million people.
  2. The city is divided into five boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island.
  3. New York City is the center of the global economy and is home to the New York Stock Exchange as well as numerous international companies and organizations.
  4. The city has a rich cultural history and is known for its iconic landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and Times Square.
  5. Central Park is the largest urban park in the U.S. and is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike.
  6. New York City is also a major place for art and culture, with numerous renowned museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), and the Guggenheim Museum.
  7. The city has a diverse cuisine and is known for its pizza, bagels, hot dogs and delicious foods from all over the world.
  8. New York City is also a major transportation hub, with three major airports (John F. Kennedy, LaGuardia, and Newark) as well as an extensive network of subways, buses, and taxis.
  9. The city has a long history of immigration and integration, which has resulted in a diverse population and culture.
  10. New York City is also the birthplace of hip-hop culture and has had a huge impact on the fashion, music, and art worlds.