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Bild: Sean Pavone / shutterstock

Washington D.C. – the charming center of power

Near the east coast of the USA lies Washington D.C., the capital of the United States. The city is the seat of government and thus the center of power of the country. Although Washington D.C. does not have a long history, the city still offers countless sights and it is clearly noticeable that history is being written in this place.

A planned city attracts the eyes of the world

Washington Monument
The Washington Monument, Image: Sean Pavone / shutterstock

While cities like New York or Los Angeles have grown naturally and are characterized by a hectic business atmosphere, the planned city of Washington D.C. presents itself almost idyllically and at first glance the capital of the United States almost looks like an idyllic provincial town. After New York City was the first capital of the USA from 1788 to 1790, Philadelphia was declared the transitional capital for ten years in 1790. During this time, a new and permanent seat of government was to be elected, and in the end, President Washington chose undeveloped meadows and swamplands to build a well-planned capital. This is clearly noticeable when looking at the road network, because ultimately the streets of the city all start from the Capitol and Union Station. Thanks to the well-thought-out planning, Washington D.C. is not lacking in green and recreational areas and the strict building regulations also ensure that the almost idyllic cityscape of the capital is not affected.

Washington D.C. – A city that gives you goosebumps

Washington D.C., Capitol
The Capitol in Washington, Image: AevanStock / shutterstock

Washington D.C. exudes a unique charm that captivates everyone. Numerous well-kept green spaces, clean streets, impressive buildings, places where decisions were and are being made about the schicksal of the nation and the world, and all this in a network of rectangular streets that make the city appear clear despite its size. One of the city’s landmarks is Union Station. The “Central Station” impresses with a magnificent entrance hall that impresses with white marble, detailed murals and valuable statues. Another landmark of the city is the United States Capitol. With its white dome about 30 meters high, it is a landmark of American politics. The building is the seat of the U.S. Congress and thus one of the most important places in the country. If the congress building does not yet send a shiver down your spine, you will experience your own personal goosebump moment at the latest when you visit the White House. “The White House” is ultimately not only the residence of the incumbent president, the most powerful person in the country and the world, but it is here that the fate of the USA was and is decided on a daily basis. A look behind the scenes of the White House is a must when visiting Washington D.C. and undoubtedly leaves lasting impressions.

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Impressive memorials keep the history of the USA alive

Washington, White House
The White House, Image: turtix / shutterstock

A stroll through Washington D.C. always leads past one of the numerous memorials. Not to be missed, of course, is the Lincoln Memorial. A gigantic column rises to the sky and on it there is a statue made of white marble. But this place also commemorates another person, because Martin Luther King Jr. stood on the steps of Lincoln’s memorial in 1963. and gave his meaningful speech that went around the world. If you let your gaze wander towards the ground, you can discover the words “I have a dream”, which have been embossed at the top of the stairs. Another memorial is the Vietnam Veteran Memorial. Certainly, at first glance it is not as impressive as the Lincoln Memorial, but at second glance you discover a good 60,000 names of people engraved in black granite who gave their lives for their lives in the Vietnam War.

Washington, Jefferson Memorial
The Jefferson Memorial, Image: Steve Heap / shutterstock

land. President Jefferson also had his own monument dedicated to him. The Jefferson Memorial resembles the Roman Pantheon. At the gates of the city is one of the most impressive cemeteries in the world. Not only did more than 300,000 soldiers find their final resting place on the Arlington National Cemetry, but also countless well-known personalities. Among others, President John F. Kennedy was buried at the Arlington National Cemetry. A walk through the area not only includes well-known names, but also an unforgettable view of Washington D.C. One of the more recent memorials is the Pentagon Memorial. This memorial presents itself as an impressive park, which invites you to linger with 184 stone benches and commemorates the victims of September 11, 2001 in a particularly beautiful way.

Washington’s underrated sights

Washinton, Library of Congress
Library of Congress, Image: Oomka / shutterstock

If you visit Washington, you should not only have the memorials and the places of big politics on your plan, but also take time for the most beautiful places in the city, which unfortunately are often left out of sightseeing tours. A visit to the Libarary of Congress, for example, is very impressive. In these venerable halls there are 100 million books, photographs, maps, sheet music and manuscripts. As soon as you enter the Thomas Jefferson Building , you will be amazed by detailed murals, marble columns and a unique mosaic floor. The main reading room, which is equipped with a 50-metre-high dome and gives the world’s largest library a very special charm, is also very impressive. Likewise, visitors to the US capital should take time for the city’s museums. In addition to the National Museum of Natural History, there are several other impressive museums in the city, most of which can be visited free of charge thanks to the D.C.-based Smithsonian Foundation. By the way, the Smithsonian Institution Building is also worth a visit, because in addition to the administration there is also an information center and the building itself is absolutely worth seeing. A visit to the Botanic Garden, which was created in 1820 and is home to an impressive number of exotic plants from all over the world, is also recommended.

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Washington D.C. – The seat of government as the capital of culinary delights

Visitors to Washington D.C. should not only go from sight to sight, but also make time for enjoyment. In recent decades, a lot has happened in Washington in terms of culinary delights, and the city’s gastronomic scene has long been worth a visit. Washington’s kitchens have long been home to world-famous top cuisines that invite you on a culinary trip around the world. There is not much left to see of the simple American cuisine with steaks and burgers in Washington, but much more there are French restaurants, top Asian cuisine, fine Latin food and overall a culinary variety at the highest level that can hardly be found in any other city. However, the delights in the noble restaurants also have their price and so the prices are significantly higher than the prices that are common in the USA. Even simpler restaurants have raised their prices significantly. It is important not only to see the prices of the card, but also to be aware that these are net prices and that you also have to pay tips for the service. Nevertheless, it is recommended to crown a visit to the capital with a good meal, because no matter what culinary preferences you have, you will always find the right restaurant in Washington D.C.