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Kategorie – North America

North America, a fascinating continent that includes the United States, Canada, and Mexico, delights travelers with its diversity of cultures, landscapes, and experiences.

In the U.S., you’ll find world-famous metropolises like New York City, stunning national parks, and a rich cultural scene.

Canada beckons with untouched wilderness, majestic mountains and friendly cities like Vancouver and Toronto.

Mexico offers a rich history, beautiful beaches on the Caribbean and Pacific Oceans, and delicious cuisine.

The variety of activities ranges from outdoor adventures such as hiking and skiing to cultural experiences such as museum visits and culinary discoveries.

The hospitality of the people of North America is legendary, and you will appreciate the rich cultural diversity.

North America is a continent of discovery, a place where you can experience natural wonders, exciting cities, and diverse cultures.

The most beautiful destinations in Canada

Canada – the northern brother of the USA – is one of the most popular travel destinations year after year – not for nothing. One of the reasons for this is the enormous diversity that Canada can boast. This ranges from wild natural spaces to cultural highlights and exciting metropolises. Natural beauty in Canada One of the main attractions of the sprawling state is...

Leuchtturm von Mendocino

Discover Mendocino: California’s Hidden Gem

California is known worldwide for its vibrant cities, iconic beaches, and spectacular landscapes. But off the beaten path lies a charming little town that is often overlooked: Mendocino. Nestled on the rugged Pacific coast, Mendocino offers a unique blend of natural beauty, rich history, and artistic flair. In this blog post, we’ll take you on a journey to this...

Jacksonville – the perfect combination of city life and nature

With over 880,000 inhabitants, Jacksonville, located in Duval County, is the most populous and largest city in Florida. It is located at the confluence of the St. Johns River with the Intercoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean; i.e. in the far northeast of the state. Despite its size, it looks very original and authentic – it is said that you can experience the...

Adventurous journey through time along Route 66

A drive along the legendary Route 66 offers adventure, a touch of nostalgia and plenty of photo opportunities. This historic journey manages the balancing act between impressions of our modern busy world and the time of departure in the land of unlimited opportunities. “Go West!” was the motto for many farmers and soldiers of fortune in the first half of...

Memphis, Tennessee – vibrant metropolis and cradle of the blues

Located on the Mississippi River in Tennessee , Memphis is a special attraction for musicians, music lovers and history buffs. The southern city inspires with its very special atmosphere, because the port city combines the proverbial hospitality of the south with historical features. Not only the music was shaped by Memphis, but also the story of the civil rights...

Music City Nashville

A visit to Nashville is an Elvis and country fan’s dream. The city has always been a stomping ground for up-and-coming bands, promising country starlets and music producers with the right nose – a place of dreams, the Hollywood of the American music scene. There’s even a joke about the city’s real estate ads: In other cities, expect “two...

Largest city in the southern United States – Space City Houston

The USA is still one of the most popular travel destinations for Germans. The “Land of the free” has a magical attraction and attracts tourists from all over the world every year who want to discover and experience the American way of life, the endless expanse of the country and the great history of this continent. In addition to the colonial-inspired...

Oklahoma – Land of Buffaloes and Cowboys

Yes, the buffalo still roam, albeit sporadically, through the prairies and hills of Oklahoma. In fact, they are a big highlight for anyone who wants to explore the surprisingly beautiful natural landscape in the east of the American state. Culturally, Oklahoma is the epitome of a destination for people who have a soft spot for cowboys and Indians or the Wild West...

Island paradise Isla Mujeres in Mexico

Sweet idleness, miles of white powdered sugar beach – Isla Mujeres in Mexico knows how to inspire as a paradisiacal holiday mecca for those seeking peace and quiet. Lie down in a hammock and relax under shady palm trees. But the small island off the coast of the popular destination of Cancún has more to offer than sun, beach and sea: you can look forward to exploring...