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Der Zwinger in Dresden, Bild: Olena Znak / shutterstock

Experience Dresden with children: 10 tips for things to do

If you are planning a city trip with children, Dresden is the right place for you. The state capital of Saxony has a lot to offer not only for adults interested in culture, but also a lot for the little ones in our society. Whether it’s games, fun or exercise in the fresh air: everyone gets their money’s worth here. For a holiday in Saxony with children, Dresden is just the right destination. But what should you discover and experience together as a family in Dresden?

#1 Real animal – The zoo in Dresden

Dresden Zoo is the fourth oldest zoo in Germany and shows its visitors more than 260 different animal species. Here the little ones can discover imposing elephants, long-necked giraffes, funny meerkats and many more. Of course, there is also a petting enclosure with guinea pigs and the like. Exercise in between is also provided, and the children can let off steam on one of the zoo’s seven playgrounds.

#2 Children’s city tour through Dresden

City tour is boring for children and only suitable for adults? Far from it, because a special children’s city tour through Dresden is a real highlight for the little ones. The funny city kangaroo Sydney goes on a dragon hunt through the city with them and explains the sights of Dresden in an absolutely entertaining and child-friendly way. You can even buy a Sydney ́s Kids Club bag with children’s city guide, hidden object city map and much more. Age recommendation for this tour is 3-12 years.

#3 Sandstone labyrinth in Saxon Switzerland

Not only Dresden, but also the surrounding area has a lot to offer. In nearby Saxon Switzerland, for example, you can hike wonderfully. A great nature experience is the sandstone labyrinth in Langenhennersdorf. It is located about 5km from Königsstein Fortress and offers plenty of alleys, caves and paths to hide and scramble. However, if you are traveling with very young children, you should take a special backpack with you for hiking just in case, because the strength of the little ones can quickly wane. So that you don’t have to break off the tour, you simply put the children in the carrier every now and then.

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#4 Picnic on the Elbe

Elbe Dresden
A boat trip across the Elbe is fun for young and old, Image: mapman / shutterstock

The Elbe flows in the heart of Dresden, and the riverside areas are lovingly designed with huge meadows and small cafés. The Elbe Cycle Path and the associated meadows are wonderful for a long walk or a bike ride in good weather. You can fortify yourself in between with a picnic. Simply pack a basket with delicious fruit and juices, take a blanket with you and settle down on the beautiful shore on the Neustadt side.

#5 Transport Museum in Dresden

Museums are not only suitable for adults, as the Transport Museum in Dresden shows. Even the youngest children love this museum, because with many interactive elements you can embark on a journey through time into the world of cars, railways, air traffic and shipping. On the upper floor of the Transport Museum there is also a small traffic garden. Bobby cars and exciting puzzles await the children here.

#6 Wheel of Vision on Postplatz

The large Ferris wheel “Wheel of Vision” will once again be a real highlight in the city centre this year from 8 July to 21 August. During this time, it shines in blue and offers spectacular views over the entire old town. From a height of 55m, this is really breathtaking, because sights such as the Frauenkirche, Zwinger and the Royal Palace have a very special effect from a bird’s eye view. By the way, no one has to sweat in the gondolas in summer, they are perfectly air-conditioned.

#7 Take off with the suspension railway

Suspension railway in Dresden
Dresden suspension railway, Image: Gabor Tinz / shutterstock

If you like the height, you will love the Dresden suspension railway. This connects the districts of Loschwitz and Oberloschwitz with each other and is a real highlight. The journey only takes about five minutes, but the views of Dresden and the Elbe Valley are very beautiful. If you have reached the top by train, you can also marvel at the Blue Wonder, one of the most famous bridges in Dresden. By the way, the station of the suspension railway is also a good starting point for hikes and walks over the picturesque slopes of the Elbe.

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#8 Swimming in the Nordbad

If you are traveling with little water rats, you should make a detour to the Nordbad. The Nordbad in the Äußere Neustadt is really great, and it is also the oldest pool in Dresden. Several swimming pools and paddling pools provide cooling. However, if you expect a fun pool with slides, you are out of place here. The swimming pool is therefore particularly suitable for families with small children, because large fun pools can be overwhelming for the little ones extremely quickly. Worth knowing: Every Monday is the so-called “warm bathing day”. Then the water in the pools is a pleasant 32 degrees.

#9 On a discovery tour with the Lößnitz dachshund

If you want to explore not only Dresden, but the surrounding area at the same time, you can do so quite spectacularly with the Lößnitz dachshund. The Lößnitzdackel (also called Lößnitzgrundbahn) is a historic tourist train that runs from Radeburg via Radebeul through the picturesque vineyards to Weinböhla. A true experience, because most children love trains. By the way, the train also stops in Moritzburg, where a detour to the famous Cinderella Castle is worthwhile. On various holidays, for example at Easter, special themed trips are also offered. The “Easter Bunny Express” including Easter egg hunt is guaranteed to leave lasting impressions on the children.

#10 A boat trip on the Elbe

If you are ever in a city with such a beautiful river, then you should also explore the city from the water. A paddle steamer boat trip on the Elbe is therefore highly recommended with children. Tours of different lengths can be booked, depending on how long you want to be on the road. You drive past the numerous castles and the vineyards. Even trips to Meissen and Diesbar-Seußlitz can be booked. Interesting for parents: The boat trips can also be booked including wine tasting and delicious food.