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Gemeinsam auf einer Gruppenreise an außergewöhnliche Orte reisen, Bild: Marina Poushkina / shutterstock

Group trip: Experience countries together

Have you always wanted to explore a certain country or city and can’t find a travel partner to accompany you in your private life? Would you like to share your experiences, exchange ideas after each day of travel and discuss impressions of foreign cultures? And you would like to meet exciting people and are always open to new friendships? Would you like to get to know the members of your club better on a club trip? Opt for the group tour!

The advantages of a group trip!

Whether you decide alone, with your partner or friends – it is best to travel in a group!

Share impressions immediately and take on new perspectives

Group Tour Hiking
On a hiking trip with the group, Image: Anton Gvozdikov / shutterstock

Especially foreign countries and new environments always hold unexpected impressions and surprises in store that are worth discussing. In a group, a wide variety of perspectives flow in. Perhaps the fellow travelers ask themselves questions about people and culture that they would never have thought of and whose answers you still want to know. On group trips, you can benefit from the fact that concentrated curiosity comes together and a region can be explored together in an exciting way.

You have one thing in common with all your fellow travellers: curiosity about the destination!

In addition, you meet the most exciting people when you share interests and enterprising spirit with others. Even before the start of your group trip, you can be sure that you are not alone with your questions and the desire for new impressions, because everyone else has decided on the same destination. The environment that is your personal favorite was also chosen by all the fellow travelers because they were looking forward to it. And everyone else is just as curious about your travel companions as you are!
This way, you are guaranteed to meet people in your group who have similar interests. Get to know them and combine your desire to explore to get the most out of your trip!

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Tour planning of group travel by professionals – trust decades of experience on site!

Group Ski Tour
Fun together on the slopes during the day and together in the evening with hot (hunter’s) tea

Last but not least: Benefit from the experience and know-how of the specialists on a group trip! The most exciting locations on site are booked directly for you, the travel routes and the program are put together in such a way that you can take the most interesting impressions with you and find enough relaxation at the same time. On a group trip, care is always taken to ensure that a colourful programme offers variety and is at the same time feasible for everyone. We visit tourist classics as well as surprising places. There is always time for individual exploration.

For you, there is no need for time-consuming research, tour planning and individual bookings in advance. Trust in the experience of professionals and enjoy the group experience to the fullest! This is guaranteed to make your trip unique and unforgettable.