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Mit der Bahn in den Urlaub, Bild: loreanto / shutterstock

Short trip in autumn or winter – the most beautiful travel destinations

A short trip over the long weekend or using a bridge day is a time-out where it is possible to unwind and relax from everyday life. New impressions have a long lasting effect. Leaving stressful or difficult times behind gives you strength and new impulses. In addition, short trips are a unique way to get to know the most beautiful cities and regions in Europe. In terms of planning, it is important to ensure a relaxed journey. It should not take too much time. Unlike annual leave, there are no two to three weeks to choose from, which also allow a longer journey. Concrete planning of the travel stations is another essential basis for a relaxed time. It is important to plan the days in a relaxed manner and not to pack too many highlights.

These places in Europe are particularly worth seeing

Popular destinations for short trips are often within Europe. This is not only due to the journey, which is often associated with short distances, but also to the variety of travel destinations that are available on the European continent. In essence, the decision is made between a city tour, which is well suited for a short trip, and a visit to a region.

Europe is a continent with an eventful history. Different peoples have grown together and created a uniform standard of living. Nevertheless, the roots are different. This can be seen in the traditions in the individual countries, but also in the architectural styles and the way of life. When visiting the European capitals, the differences become particularly clear. For many people, it is a great fascination to get to know Paris, London, Rome, Vienna or Copenhagen. Berlin, Hamburg and Munich are among the cities in Germany that are particularly popular with guests from Germany and abroad. But Brussels with its historic city and the modernity in the European government district and the lively Amsterdam are also cities that welcome several million people as guests year after year. But Prague, Budapest as well as Krakow and Wroclaw are also destinations where there is a lot to discover.

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Popular regions in Germany and Europe

Not only city trips, but also visits to entire regions are very popular. In Germany, it is the Baltic Sea, the North Sea, but also the Black Forest, the Harz Mountains and the wine regions on the Moselle that are perfect for a short holiday. In France , Alsace-Lorraine enjoys great popularity, in Holland people plan short trips for the tulip blossom and in the Alps hikes or a short ski holiday are a good time out for autumn or winter. The selection of destinations is so varied that it is sometimes difficult to set a priority. The journey can also be arranged flexibly. Due to aspects of environmental protection and particularly relaxed travel, the train is becoming increasingly popular as a means of transport.

These countries can be easily traveled by train

Eiffel Tower Paris
The Eiffel Tower in Paris, Image: Catarina Belova / shutterstock

Planning a short trip by car is stressful for many people. Traffic jams, a long journey of several hundred kilometers, but also the cost of parking fees and high fuel costs are reasons for looking for alternatives. The railway has regained its attractiveness in recent years. There are a variety of convenient train connections not only within Germany, but also to the various European countries. With Omio, travelers can obtain information about the connections during the early planning phase. As a rule, long-distance trains run between the major cities. Whether Paris, Brussels, Vienna, Prague or Warsaw: there are direct connections from Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg or Munich. Regional trains create the connection from home to the next big city. Travel planning can be done early in conjunction with a seat reservation, so that the trip can be started relaxed from the outset.

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Advantages of rail travel

There are various advantages associated with rail travel. Already during the trip it is possible to read a book in a relaxed manner or to prepare for the trip in conversations. Traffic jams and high fuel costs do not play a role in terms of travel planning. The time-out begins rested and rested. This way, the journey can be started relaxed when you board the train.