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Mit dem Motorrad die schönsten Urlaubsorte Deutschlands erkunden, Bild: Alexander Kirch / shutterstock

You should not miss these places in Germany with your motorcycle

Germany offers many beautiful places that you should not miss with your motorcycle. Whether you want to spend just a weekend or a longer holiday in Germany, there is hardly a stretch of land that is not suitable for extended motorcycle tours. Where your motorcycle takes you depends primarily on which part of Germany you live in and how much time you have. Shorter tours of one to two days are better spent near your home. If you have more time, the destinations can also be further away. So put on your gear, motorcycle helmet and explore Germany on two wheels.

A motorcycle tour through the unknown east of Germany

The eastern federal states are known for their numerous avenue roads, which stretch from Rügen to the Thuringian Forest. Your motorcycle journey will take you through endless roads under shady trees. The green, centuries-old giants provide a feeling of freedom and security. Enjoy the play of light and shadow, the lush green of the rustling leaves and wide landscapes where you get maximum distance from everyday life.

With the motorcycle on the North Sea and Baltic Sea

In these two popular holiday regions, you can combine extensive motorbike tours with beach holidays and water sports. Fishing villages, cutter ports and small villages typical of the region and extensive motorcycle tours along the coasts. A popular tour on the North Sea leads from the Dutch-influenced city of Friedrichsstadt via Cuxhaven, Dorum and Bremerhaven to Wilhelmshaven. In addition to this tour, there are numerous other tours along the North Sea that you can plan in advance via the Internet.

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Your tours along the Baltic Sea take you from Schleswig-Holstein to the Polish border. Sea, beaches and historic cities such as Stralsund alternate with the rugged coastal world. The Polish Ostee region also has a lot to offer. Extensive coastal landscapes, spa culture like in Kołobrzeg and dream beaches that don’t have to hide from those of the Caribbean. A round trip over the islands of Rügen and Usedom is also a good idea.

Motorcycle tours through the middle of Germany

The Eiffel offers numerous motorcycle tours through varied landscapes with different levels of difficulty. Hospitable restaurants, uncomplicated overnight accommodation, castles, scenic attractions and many leisure activities make a motorbike holiday in this region so popular. This region is probably home to the most well-developed motorcycle routes in Germany. To see as much as possible, you should plan different tours, because you will surely come back. Tours recommended by experts lead through the Volcanic Eifel, the South Eifel, to the east and the west. Always with you lush green landscapes with panoramic views.

Further south to the Black Forest

Motorcycle tour in Germany
On the road with a motorcycle in southern Germany, Image: Anna Om / shutterstock

Another popular holiday region for motorcyclists is the Black Forest. This region offers not only a postcard idyll for families, but also long, well-developed motorcycle routes of varying difficulty. The Black Forest is the largest low mountain range in Germany with winding motorcycle routes with inclines of varying degrees of difficulty. Freiburg is a popular city to explore the Black Forest in several directions. Biker meetings and biker-friendly accommodations make a holiday with a motorbike particularly uncomplicated. In the northern Black Forest, the motorcycle routes lead through dark fir forests, while the central Black Forest attracts visitors with picturesque lake and river landscapes. The south stretches to the Swiss border with a view of the Alps. Beautiful cities such as Offenburg and Freiburg, a wide range of leisure activities, wine regions and a rustic gastronomic offer ensure a varied holiday programme.

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With the motorcycle to Bavaria

The most popular motorcycle tours lead through the Bavarian foothills of the Alps. Varied landscapes around Lake Schliersee and Lake Tegernsee, hospitable accommodation, biker meeting places, well-developed campsites, beer gardens, health resorts and popular towns such as Bad Tölz, Mittenwald and Garmisch-Partenkirchen ensure a varied holiday programme. Don’t miss the impressive scenery of the Benediktenwand and drive via Kochel am See over the serpentines to the turquoise blue Walchensee. Of course, a detour to Munich is not to be missed.