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Weinberge in San Michele in der Region Marken, Bild: NewNomads / shutterstock

Wine journey through Italy – A wine in the … Marches!

Italy is a destination for all the senses: lively cities, beautiful landscapes, culinary delights and, last but not least, world-famous wine. As a wine country, Italy is remarkable in several respects: Italy is one of the most important wine producers in the world and the cradle of Western European viticulture: with the Romans, wine came to Germany and many other countries. Italy is one of the few countries in the world that has a vibrant wine culture in all regions from north to south. Even today, “Bella Italia” is home to over 1,000 grape varieties.

The first parts of our wine tour have already taken us to
. The fifth part takes us to a rather unknown, but no less worth exploring region: the Marche. This small stretch of land in east-central Italy, located between the Alps and the Apennines on the Adriatic Sea, is home to only 1.5 million people, but it is home to great wines and an important winemaking tradition. With around 25,000 hectares, the Marche region has about as much vineyards as Rheinhessen, Germany’s largest wine-growing region. The mostly gently undulating hilly landscape is favoured by sunlight and warmth, protected from the sea wind and therefore ideal for viticulture.

The Marche: Insider tip for wine connoisseurs

The wines are correspondingly impressive. In the white wine sector, the ancient Verdicchio grape variety, known since the Etruscans, is the flagship of the region. Verdicchio is a white wine with a strong character, rich in acidity and fruity aromas, which is not only grown in the Marche, but indisputably produces the most beautiful wines here. Even though the Marche is internationally known above all for its aromatic white wine, slightly more red wine varieties are grown in the region. The red wines Rosso Piceno and Rosso Cònero stand out. While a Rosso Cònero from the vineyards around the capital Ancona is vinified mainly or exclusively from Montepulciano grapes, with Rosso Piceno it is usually the interplay of Sangiovese and Montepulciano grapes that makes up the special character of this red wine.

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A Rosso Cònero is usually an uncomplicated everyday wine with a high drinking flow. On the other hand, the Rosso Piceno, the largest production area in the Marche, can be a little more refined and complex. The special thing about the Marche is certainly that very good qualities can be found here at very low prices compared to well-known Italian wine regions – the unbeatable price-enjoyment ratio makes the Marche a real insider tip for wine explorers!

Our wine tip: De Angelis Rosso Piceno Superiore DOC (organic) 2017

Rosso Piceno Superiore
Rosso Piceno Superiore

The Rosso Piceno Superiore from the Brandenburg flagship winery De Angelis is a fantastic introduction to the region’s wine world. This red wine is made from hand-picked Montepulciano and Sangiovese grapes from organic viticulture. A wonderfully harmonious, dry wine that matured for two years in large wooden barrels and impresses with a moderate alcohol content of 13 percent by volume. The De Angelis Rosso Piceno Superiore smells and tastes of wild berries, plums and a hint of liquorice, full-bodied and fresh with a beautiful structure and tasty spice. An upscale wine experience at a low price – and incredibly delicious with hearty pasta dishes!

Curious? You can order this great wine here from our partner Televino.