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Außerhalb Europas ist New York ein beliebtes Ziel für eine Städtereise, Bild: shutterupeire / shutterstock

City trip – exciting days in the metropolises of this world

The latest surveys confirm the general trend: the city trip is not only extremely popular with short vacationers. What makes city trips so attractive is quickly apparent: Within a few days, city travellers can immerse themselves in the culture and traditions of a country, explore numerous sights and, last but not least, take part in a wide variety of local events. But what specifically distinguishes a city trip from other forms of vacation? And what are the advantages of a city trip?

This is what distinguishes the city trip

France Paris, Eiffel Tower
The Eiffel Tower in Paris, Image: Catarina Belova/shutterstock

The central characteristic of a city trip can already be seen from the name: On a pure city trip, the holiday takes place exclusively in a selected city. For this reason, large metropolises such as state capitals are among the most common destinations. With a wide range of cultural events, sights and, last but not least, a well-developed infrastructure, these and other larger cities offer countless opportunities to spend varied days in the city – without having to travel long distances in between. Compared to a round trip or a beach holiday, the main differences are on the one hand in the location and on the other hand in the degree of activity. On city trips, holidaymakers are usually out and about in the city during the day and visit various tourist highlights from museums to architectural monuments, while in the evening hours the local nightlife is explored.

Advantages of a city trip

City break, Bruges
For those who like it a little quieter, Bruges is a good destination for a city trip, Image: TTstudio / shutterstock

Hour-long journeys in the car or by public transport, complicated searches for the booked accommodation, long distances to the nearest supermarket, monotonous beaches that offer little variety in the long run – all these possible annoyances on a holiday in the countryside or on the beach are eliminated on city trips. Those who travel in the well-known metropolises enjoy various advantages instead:

  • The journey to the desired city is usually short and comfortable. Since the common destinations have their own airport or at least a well-developed transport network, the trip can usually be organized with a direct flight or a direct train connection.
  • A convenient transport system can be used on site. The subway, bus and the like make it easy to get around the city centre. Often, cheap tickets are available especially for tourists, with which all important destinations can be reached. Since there is often a lot of activity in large cities even at night, there are sufficient local transport connections even at late hours.
  • On a city trip, you can visit numerous highlights of a country within a short time and get to know a wide variety of people. In this way, holidaymakers can gather a wide variety of impressions of a city and its inhabitants within a weekend.
  • During the city trip, holidaymakers stay in a single accommodation. Thanks to the short distances, all important places can be explored from a fixed location. Travelers who want to explore the nightlife in particular should attach importance to accommodation close to the center.
  • City trips offer security. In international metropolises, inexperienced travelers can easily find English- or German-speaking people who will be happy to help them. In addition, extensive information material about the offers on site is available.
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Experience city trip – this is what awaits holidaymakers

Immerse yourself in the history of the city, visit architectural masterpieces, discover the cultural life, talk to locals, taste typical local specialties, get to know the dazzling nightlife – city trips can set different accents depending on your interests.

In principle, holidaymakers have two options to choose from when it comes to organising their trip: In the case of a package tour , accommodation and meals and, in some cases, the sightseeing programme are determined in advance. With such a trip, there is no need for the effort of dedicated planning and inexperienced holidaymakers in particular can be sure not to miss any central highlight of the city. Individual travel as a second option, on the other hand, offers the advantage of being able to set priorities in a self-determined way. For example, if you want to get in touch with the city’s residents, you can stay directly with locals and visit restaurants where holidaymakers are otherwise rarely guests. In addition, spontaneous ideas can be easily realized.

But no matter which form of travel you choose: Varied experiences with a unique flair are guaranteed on city trips.