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Ein schöner Blick auf die Alexander Nevsky Kathedrale in Sofia, Bulgarien. Bild: Datsenko Maryna/shutterstock

Bulgaria – in the land of roses and rakija

Bulgaria – an insider tip among holiday destinations! More and more Germans are flocking to the golden beaches of the famous Bulgarian Black Sea coast. But the country has much more to offer!

Cape Kaliakra on the Black Sea Bulgaria
Bolata Beach – A famous bay near Cape Kaliakra, Image: Calin Stan / shutterstock

On Golden Sands, holidaymakers benefit from the guaranteed warm temperatures in summer. But nature lovers in the rest of the country are also happy about the good weather. Because it makes it even easier to explore the beautiful surroundings. For example, around the 260 lakes. Or on a hiking and climbing holiday in the national parks of the Pirin, Rila or Balkan Mountains. And no matter where you look, Bulgaria’s soil seems to be particularly blessed. Wonderful lush green, roses in a wide variety of colors and grapes in almost every front garden. No wonder that Bulgarians are considered sociable and friendly people. A taste of home-grown wine or schnapps (rakija) is definitely part of the holiday.

A visit to Bulgaria is not only worthwhile in summer. Winter sports in the mountains are becoming more and more popular. Snowfall and low temperatures are guaranteed! The 142 health resorts in Bulgaria are also well visited all year round. The hot and cold mineral springs and mud baths are particularly popular. A paradise for spa and wellness tourists!

In addition to its beautiful nature, Bulgaria has a rich cultural heritage. History enthusiasts will find it difficult to visit the approximately 40,000 historical sites, 36 cultural reserves, 160 monasteries and countless museums in just one holiday. But at least the seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites are not to be missed. For example, the tomb of Sveshtari: a magnificently decorated resting place for a Thracian ruler.

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Those who prefer to experience the culture of the Bulgarian people live will get their money’s worth with the tradition-conscious nation. Bulgarians like to celebrate and have the opportunity to do so on numerous holidays. On the occasion of holidays, traditional dances are performed in colourful costumes. These are best observed in one of the many cafés or restaurants. Bulgarian cuisine is tasty, rich and comparatively cheap. Even the salads are a special taste experience, as the products grown in the country taste “real like vegetables”. Other regional specialities include yoghurt with the famous Bulgaricus milk bacteria or “Sirene”, a brine cheese.

View of the Bulgarian ski resort of Borovets, Image:

Sporty holidaymakers prefer the active opportunities of the country. Not only hiking and climbing are popular sports. Equestrian sports are also part of the offer, as is cycling on the Eurovelo long-distance cycle paths. Adventure seekers can embark on a rafting or kayaking trip in the whitewater rivers. In the Black Sea, diving is very important. And in winter, you can go skiing in the mountains.

Of course, the cities of Bulgaria also have a lot to offer. In the capital Sofia , shopping enthusiasts have fun in the numerous shopping centers and then rest in one of the parks. The coastal cities of Varna and Burgas invite you to take a walk on the beach or visit the historic old town.

Almost all tourists are drawn to the coast of the Black Sea . You are faced with the choice of quiet, idyllic seaside resorts, such as Kranevo, Sveti Konstantin or Albena. Or you prefer to party into the night. At Golden Sands – the Ballermann on the Black Sea – there is always a lot going on at night. Discos and parties take place directly on the beach or even in the party ship Party Cruise. In any case, a holiday in Bulgaria will be an unforgettable experience!

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Travel information Bulgaria

Capital Sofia
Form of government Parliamentary Republic
Parliamentary democracy
Currency Lev (BGN)
Area approx. 111,000 km²
Population approx. 7,050,000 (as of 2017)
Languages Bulgarian
Electricity grid 230 Volt / 50 Hz
Area code +359
Time zone UTC+2
UTC+3 (March to October)