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Die Dominikanische Republik bietet traumhafte Strände, Bild: yotily/shutterstock

Green hills and Caribbean flair: The Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a major power in the world of tourism. Much earlier than its Caribbean neighbors , the country knew how to open up to vacationers. With a good infrastructure, an acceptable network of paths, modern hotel complexes and an overwhelming nature. In contrast to Haiti, with which it shares the pearl of the Antilles, the republic is green, and anyone who travels through the country encounters huge plantations with sugar cane, coffee and bananas.

This is a country under the sun that is one of the most interesting and diverse destinations in the Caribbean , with its blaze of color and life-affirming people. “Quisquenya” is what the inhabitants of this paradisiacal island call themselves – it is the land of the wild Caribs. Some see it a little differently and speak more of “Aita”, the land of the peaceful Tainos. Be that as it may, this is a dream destination, and if you want to get closer to the soul of the republic, you should stay there longer than just for a flying visit.

Dominican Republic
The Dominican Republic, Image: photopixel/shutterstock

“All-inclusive” has been a magic word in tourism in the Dominican Republic for years, and many hotels and resorts have adapted to guests who want to explore the country intensively and want an all-round service. This part of Hispaniola is one of the most varied regions of the Antilles. And the voodoo magic rarely comes over from Haiti, the black magic that still plays a major role in people’s lives on the other side of the border.

In the Dominican Republic, the fruits of the land can be found in the evening banquets of the hotels. The farmers in the respective area deliver pineapples, strawberries and vegetables fresh every day, because harvest time is almost always here. In addition to tropical woods, marble dominates the resorts of holidaymakers, and every now and then an artificial reef made of biologically compatible materials is even used on the coastal strip to protect the pristine white beaches on the doorstep.

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On the golf courses, those experts who have always advocated a type of grass that harmonizes with the salty ground have now prevailed. If you are enthusiastic about the picturesque ambience of Andalusia, you will feel at home in this republic, because the patios and whitewashed villas resemble the most beautiful landscapes in Spain. For Columbus, this part of Hispaniola was the most exciting discovery in the Caribbean.

The Spanish-Caribbean atmosphere can also be felt by holidaymakers when they stroll through the picturesque capital Santo Domingo and are accompanied by the sound of guitars spilling out of the bars onto the narrow streets. Around the historic Plaza Colón are grouped houses from the colonial era as well as the Cathedral of Santa Maria la Menor, the oldest church in the New World.

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
View of Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic

Connoisseurs of the metropolis enjoy the culinary delights in the Gazcue district away from the tourist crowds. The fish restaurants there are the best in the country and serve all the variety of the sea. The original and informal atmosphere can also be found in the fishing village of Bayahibe on the south coast. The place is located at the entrance to the Parque Nacional del Este with a lush vegetation and a spectacular cave system.

Sporty enthusiasts can live out their urge to move in almost all types of water sports near Punta Cana . Or mountain biking in the untouched wilderness of the green hills with their wide meadows and rushing streams and thus in a landscape that is not unlike Switzerland .

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Travel information Dominican Republic

Capital Santo Domingo
Form of government Republic, Presidential Democracy
Currency Dominican Peso (DOP)
Area 48,730 km²
Population approx. 10,767,000 (as of 2017)
Languages Spanish
Electricity grid 110 volts and 60Hz
Area code +1 (809), +1 (829) and +1 (849)
Time zone UTC -4