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Strand auf Koh Chang, Bild: AsiaTravel / shutterstock

Holidays on Koh Chang

The many islands around Thailand have been among the favorite destinations of German vacationers for years. One of them, however, has developed into a special insider tip in recent years: Koh Chang. Located a little away from the typical tourist regions, the island has only become a popular tourist destination in recent years. Here you will not only find the wonderful white beaches that many travelers have come to appreciate about Thailand , but also a variety of opportunities for excursions into the interior of the island, which is almost untouched to this day and attracts with impressive nature.

What do you need to know about Koh Chang?

Actually, it is surprising that the island has only developed into a popular destination for holidaymakers in recent years and has only been developed for tourism during this time. After all, it is the second largest island in Thailand. It is located near the border with Cambodia and is also known as Elephant Island due to its unique shape. Life on the island is mainly concentrated in the coastal areas – the inner part of the island is not really habitable, but offers a beautiful landscape, as it is typical for the region, but did not have to give way to tourism on the island.

If you would like to spend your holidays on the island, you will have to travel by ferry, which runs several times a day. As a rule, you would land at the airport in Trat, which can be easily reached from Bangkok. From here, it takes about an hour by boat to the island, where its own coastal towns have adapted very well to the increasing number of tourists and offer a good infrastructure when it comes to the onward journey to the hotel on the island.

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What particularly appeals to holidaymakers about Koh Chang?

Koh Chang, Thailand
Koh Chang, Image: Songdech Kothmongkol / shutterstock

Holidaymakers on Koh Chang either take advantage of the many great beaches and opportunities for recreation or they are looking for a piece of the untouched landscape in the core of the island. Above all, however, the beach vacation is the focus of most travelers. The entire coastline of the island is a bit hilly and offers great conditions all year round – perhaps one reason why the island has already been given the nickname Good Weather Island. In the meantime, most beaches are also well developed for tourism and therefore offer all the amenities you could wish for for a beach holiday in Thailand. From good food to fun and activities in the sand, everything is on offer. Most hotels also offer exclusive beach areas. If you go on a search, you will still find almost unvisited beaches in some parts, where you have a little piece of paradise almost to yourself.

Arguably the largest and most popular beach on the island is White Sand Beach. It is located right near Haad Sai Khao and thus the tourist center of the island. If you are looking for a rather young crowd and the famous backpackers and beach parties of Thailand, you will certainly find what you are looking for at Lonely Beach – you should not be confused by the name. You can always find like-minded people here. Haad Kai Bae Beach is the direct opposite. A bit remote, it takes a little effort to land here. But you will find what is probably the most beautiful beach the island has to offer, which makes a unique picture, especially at high tide.

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Activities and other excursions on the island

Than Mayom Waterfall, Koh Chang
Than Mayom Waterfall, Image: StrippedPixel.com / shutterstock

Hikes and trekking are particularly popular with many holidaymakers. It is not uncommon for the tours to be drawn to the interior of the island. On small paths, you will discover the green lung of the island and come across a multitude of waterfalls that break through the rocky landscape. With local guides, you can take a look at what Thailand would still look like in many places without tourism. But not only hikes are very popular – after all, you want to take advantage of the wonderfully clear sea. Snorkeling and diving are particularly popular on various sections of the beach and are offered here by many professional companies. Together with the boat trips around the island, they are probably the best way to explore Koh Chang from a different side.

When it comes to sights, you should definitely take a look at the small coastal town of Bang Bao. Not only the small lighthouse is worth a long look here. It is above all the many restaurants in the village that invite you to good Thai food and fresh seafood directly by the sea.

Culture and nightlife on Koh Chang

In the meantime, the island has completely adapted to the demands of tourists. Not only are there restaurants in different national cuisines and accommodation in almost every price range, but the nightlife has also developed accordingly. Especially in the larger touristic parts of the island there are many bars and clubs. In addition, there are the many beach parties, which usually arise spontaneously, but can actually be found everywhere on the island, especially in the high season. In this way, adventure can be wonderfully combined with relaxation.