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Mit dem Wohnmobil durch die USA reisen, Bild: Tunatura / shutterstock

Rent a campervan for the USA round trip

Motorhomes can be rented at a number of locations in the USA. On average, they are slightly larger than in Europe, and the camping and parking lots are also adapted to these vehicles. However, there is a size limit on many campsites that are beautiful in themselves. It is mostly at 25 ft. (feet), which corresponds to ~7.62 m. Therefore, the first question when renting is: How much “luxury” is desired on the trip?

Recommended sizes for campervan rental in the USA

Of course, it is up to each travel group how big their motorhome should be for the USA round trip. Here are some recommendations for different numbers of people:

  • one to two people: 19 – 22 ft. (Truck Camper)
  • three to four people: 23 – 25 ft.
  • over four people: from 25 ft.

If two couples or families are travelling together, it is advisable to rent two separate vehicles. Space in a camper is scarce. In bad weather and on long distances, the occupants have to share it for hours or even days, which could lead to tension despite all the friendship. All fellow travelers should discuss the size together beforehand. The campers with a length of 19 ft. are really tight, couples actually feel at 22 ft. most comfortable.

For families, there is also a vehicle with a slide-out. This expands the space with retractable side panels. There is another aspect regarding size: The smallest campers are not always the cheapest. Some rental companies even offer the very large campers with 29 to 30 ft. at the cheapest price. Of course, the fuel costs are quite high for these, but fuel is nowhere near as expensive in the USA as it is in this country. The gallon costs ~$5.0 in December 2023. A gallon is ~3.78 l (exactly 3.785411784 l), the dollar stands at 1.08 against the euro at the beginning of December 2023. Converted, this means that a liter of premium gasoline currently costs about €1.22 in the USA, while in Germany it is currently called for around €1.78 to €1.81. By the way, the Americans find their current fuel prices very expensive.

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Camper providers and pick-up locations

Camping in the USA
Camping in the USA, Image: Karel Stipek / shutterstock

Geographically, the USA is divided into the three zones East, West and Interior for such services as motorhome rental. There are quite a few pick-up and drop-off stations for motorhomes there, about which the respective providers provide information.

The search and research for the right motorhome is sometimes very time-consuming and cumbersome. That’s why we recommend the provider CU Camper to rent a campervan in the USA. The renowned provider compares the best offers and vehicles. Thanks to the convenient search, discount promotions are automatically included.

If you are looking for the right motorhome yourself, please note that the prices of the different providers sometimes differ more significantly than we are used to in Europe. However, there are also very differentiated offers behind it. A price-performance comparison is indispensable, can be done at home on the Internet and takes some time.

Of course, the prices also vary seasonally, as we know it in Europe. They are highest during the summer holidays. These are a little longer than in Germany (10 to 11 weeks) and, as in the individual states, start at different times from the end of May to the beginning of June. They end in August to early September. Therefore, you can expect to pay between $50 and $200/day for a motorhome in the USA, depending on the size, equipment and season.

As with us, a deposit will be paid. Insurance is important. There are clear differences to European customs here. As is well known, our landlords regularly require the conclusion of fully comprehensive insurance with a more or less high deductible. In the USA, on the other hand, in addition to mandatory liability insurance, basic protection is at best common, which corresponds to a very slimmed-down partial casco. However, travelers can take out additional insurance that protects them more comprehensively – up to the standard that is comparable to our fully comprehensive insurance with or without excess. Such insurances, in turn, vary greatly in price. Here, too, a price comparison is indispensable.

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Booking time

The same applies to the booking time as in this country: The booking cannot take place early enough, because the vehicles are scarce and only available to a very limited extent shortly before the summer holidays. Six months’ notice is recommended to everyone.

The most beautiful routes

California, Golden Gate
The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, Image: Lucky-photographer / shutterstock

The following routes are of course only suggestions. The nice thing about camping is that everyone can put together their own route:

  • US East Coast (e.g. New York, Boston, Philadelphia)
  • U.S. West Coast (e.g. Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego)
  • National parks in the southwest
  • Route 66
  • Rocky Mountains
  • Alaska
  • Florida with the Keys

In the end, each tour group will choose their dream destinations themselves. Our editorial team wishes you a lot of fun and adventure!