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Die Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, Bild: Travel Stock / shutterstock

San Francisco is always worth a trip

There aren’t many cities in the U.S. that are easy and comfortable to explore on foot. One of them is San Francisco – here you can experience almost all the sights in the city center on foot. And the sights outside the city center are also easily accessible by bus. A great thing, especially in such a beautiful city as San Francisco.

Rather European-looking and full of colorful sights

San Francisco Downtown
San Francisco Downtown, Image: kropic1 / shutterstock

Downtown San Francisco is ideal for a stroll through the city. For example, the districts around Union Square and Fisherman’s Wharf are ideal for exploring on foot. And even the lively and interesting Chinatown can be easily reached without a vehicle.

In San Francisco, it’s also better to get around without a car. Because the narrow streets and the few expensive parking spaces do not exactly make it easy for motorists. And if you feel like taking a break due to the many hills and valleys, there is a good public transport network including the famous cable car railway. The bus and subway transport network takes you everywhere at good prices. San Francisco seems more European and offers visitors a colorful mix of many different sights. The commercial aspect is not as much in the foreground as in Los Angeles or Las Vegas, for example. San Francisco is a city worth seeing and always worth a visit. By the way, if you like to walk, you will get a very special insight into the city. There is something new to discover around every corner.

San Francisco – Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz and the World’s Most Winding Road

Probably the most famous landmark of San Francisco in California is the Golden Gate Bridge. It is a sublime feeling to walk over the almost three-kilometre-long bridge. From up here you have a great view over the Bay Area. In 1937, the suspension bridge was opened. This provides a connection between Marin County and San Francisco. It also makes it possible to get quickly from the surrounding area to the city. It is one of the longest suspension bridges in the world and more than 100,000 vehicles use the bridge every day. The Golden Gate Bridge is a popular photo motif. The many vantage points around the bridge are ideal for this. It is advisable to visit several of them at different times and on different days. Because it is not uncommon for the structure to “disappear” in the fog. Tip: Visitors should take advantage of the opportunity in good weather and pay a visit to the Golden Gate Bridge immediately.

San Francisco, Lombard Street
Lombard Street, Image: Andrew Zarivny / shutterstock

For most visitors to the city, a photo of the Golden Gate Bridge is a must – as is a picture of Lombard Street. This road is truly unique and is considered the most winding road in the world. The street is located in the north of San Francisco. It stretches across the entire peninsula.

It starts at the Presidio in the west and up to the Embarcadero in the east. However, the road is not completely passable. The part of Lombard Street admired by San Francisco visitors is a small part of the street between Hyde and Leavenworth Street – just under 200 meters. Originally, the part of the road was a normal straight road. But due to a steep slope of the hill of almost 30 percent, there were often major problems. Therefore, eight curves were built into the road in 1922 – today they are world famous.

You can’t imagine San Francisco without them – the cable cars. It is very impressive to see how they fight their way over the numerous steep hills of the city. The streetcars are pulled by cables and used to be San Francisco’s main mode of transportation. The ride with the cable cars saves visitors long walks through the center and provides an indescribable feeling.

San Francisco, Cable Cars
The world-famous cable cars, Image: canadastock / shutterstock

In addition to the cable cars and the Golden Gate Bridge, another highlight is the former Alcatraz prison. The world-famous rock in the sea off San Francisco is surrounded by a very special myth. The former prison was considered escape-proof. This was ensured by the exceptional location and the cold water.

When an escape did occur – in which all but one prisoner was recaptured – the facility was closed. Today, it is a real visitor magnet and can be visited without any problems. However, visitors should take care of tickets for tours and the ferry crossing well in advance – preferably several months in advance. Alcatraz is located about two kilometers off San Francisco in Golden Gate Bay.

The island is about 500 meters wide and was not originally intended as a prison island. In A lighthouse was built here in the 19th century. This was the first on the West Coast of the United States. It was not until the beginning of the In the 20th century, the island was “discovered” as a prison. The reason for this: The remote location and the strong currents should make escape attempts impossible.

Union Square is also worth a visit. This is located in Downtown San Francisco, north of Market Street. This is also a turning point of the cable cars. From Union Square you can also quickly reach Chinatown, which is located a little to the north. Union Square – in the middle of the center of the city – is interesting by day and night. Because there are countless shops and restaurants here that invite you to shop and feast.

San Francisco, Alcatraz
Alcatraz prison island, Image: f11photo /shutterstock

San Francisco’s Chinatown is also well worth seeing. Visitors immerse themselves in an exotic mix of the Far East and the modern West. So it is not surprising that thousands of tourists stroll through the streets every day.

In order to enable the construction of the transcontinental railroad, numerous workers from Asia came to the USA in the middle of the 19th century. But the people did not like the new immigrants. This led to them settling in their own neighborhood. This then became today’s Chinatown with its own shops and restaurants as well as its own houses. Many of these original houses were destroyed in the great earthquake of 1906. But fortunately, some of them were rebuilt true to the original.