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"Kneippen" im Allgäu, Bild: moreimages / shutterstock

Wellness in the Allgäu: Perfect to really unwind

The Allgäu is one of the most beautiful holiday regions in Germany per se. This is mainly due to the wonderful nature that visitors will find there. Between Oberstorf, Isny and Kempten, the impressive rocky slopes of the Alps seem close enough to touch. In between, there are heaps of mountain lakes, rivers and lush green meadows where the Allgäu cows graze. In addition, the Allgäu cuisine with Kässpatzen, bacon dumplings and steamed dumplings is a feast for the palate. So where could you be better off for a wellness holiday than in the Allgäu?

The Allgäu as a wellness paradise

The good thing about a wellness holiday is that you can go on it all year round without any problems and are completely independent of the weather. On nice days, you can of course complement the wellness program with excursions in the fresh air. On rainy days, or when it’s stormy and cold, you just stay inside and enjoy the offers of the Allgäu wellness hotels and thermal baths. Wellness hotels with spa area, steam baths and sauna offers can be found literally on every corner in the Allgäu, so the choice is not easy. In the district of Oberallgäu, i.e. around Oberstaufen and Oberstorf, the number of overnight stays in wellness facilities is at the top. The same applies to the Kneipp spa town of Bad Wörishofen, Füssen, Pfronten and Lindau on Lake Constance. The wellness hotels are well equipped at all locations and offer all the comfort you could wish for. If you want to do a little sightseeing in the Allgäu in addition to the wellness, you are well advised to rent a hotel in Füssen or Schwangau. Because here, along the so-called Romantic Road, there is a whole range of interesting historical cultural assets to discover. The most famous of these is probably the fairytale Neuschwanstein Castle, closely followed by Hohenschwangau Castle.

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Kneipp therapy in the Allgäu

Wellness holiday in the Allgäu
In the Allgäu, just let your mind wander and enjoy nature, Image: Drepicter / shutterstock

Sebastian Kneipp, the inventor of Kneipp cures, comes from the Allgäu, which is why you can still meet him, and his Kneipp teachings, at every turn here today. In the Allgäu there are numerous hotels that specialize in Kneipp cures, and even Kneipp health centers. These are farms, many of them are mountain farms, whose farmers have dealt in detail with the teachings of Sebastian Kneipp. If you stay in one of these hotels, or at one of the Kneipp health centres, you have the opportunity to undergo professionally organised Kneipp treatments or a complete Kneipp cure. In addition to the Kneipp water treatments, these are supplemented by a suitable nutrition and exercise programme with hiking, walking or cycling tours through the foothills of the Alps.

The Allgäu and its thermal baths

The Allgäu also has many thermal baths and adventure pools for the whole family. While the parents enjoy a wellness day, the offspring can have fun in the adventure pool at the same time. This combination is possible, for example, in the Limare Family and Vitality Pool in Lindau on Lake Constance. There are excellent thermal baths in Schwangau, Oberstorf or Bad Wörishofen. In Bad Wörishofen, you can move in state-approved healing water. The thermal spa area here is designed like a South Seas paradise. Access to this area of the spa is only permitted from the age of 16, which should guarantee those seeking relaxation a pure Wellenessen feeling.

The artificially created thermal landscape includes palm trees and even a sandy beach. There are also herbal and steam baths and a Kneipp area. The health pools offer particularly mineral-rich healing water, for example in the iodine-selenium pool or in the sulphur pool. Afterwards, it’s off to the massage and the beauty area of the thermal baths. At the beauty bar, natural cosmetic face masks, such as poppy or aloe vera masks, are applied, each of which is tailored to the skin type of the visitors. Allergy sufferers and visitors with breathing problems can find themselves in the Salzstadl and enjoy the pure, ionised air produced by the use of salt stones. Meanwhile, the children romp in the sports pool and whiz down the water slides of the thermal spa in Bad Wörishofen.