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Wernigerode im Harz, Bild: Bildagentur Zoonar GmbH / shutterstock

Wernigerode – Short break in the Harz Mountains

Wernigerode, the colourful town in the Harz Mountains. This saying, coined by Hermann Löns, is still the motto of the city today. Located in the middle of the Harz Mountains, Wernigerode is not just colourful, but above all a state-approved resort. Generations of Germans and travellers from abroad have used the wonderful air in the Harz Mountains to recover from the exertions of their holidays. Even today, the city is still one of the absolute highlights of Saxony-Anhalt and invites you to take a short break in the Harz Mountains.

The short break in the Harz Mountains

Wernigerode Castle
Wernigerode Castle, Perekotypole / shutterstock

The Harz Mountains are one of the areas of Germany that are known to almost everyone by name, but where most people have actually never been. The Central Mountains of the Federal Republic of Germany not only attract with an impressive history and many sights, but of course above all with great nature and many opportunities for relaxation and distance from everyday life. The possibilities for hiking in the Harz Mountains alone are known far beyond the fans of the sport. So if you have never been to the Harz Mountains – Wernigerode is just one of many destinations that are worthwhile for a short holiday.

However, the city of Wernigerode is without a doubt one of the best opportunities for a first great impression of the Harz Mountains, the cities and the people. With its old town and the many historic buildings, you always have something for the eye. The motto “The colorful city” plays a very special role. It quickly becomes apparent that the buildings around the market square are painted in a wide variety of colors, that colorful decorations play an important role in the city and that the gray North German weather has no chance to dampen the mood here. The city lives the motto and that is noticeable in the first few minutes you walk through the city.

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What should you see in Wernigerode?

Wernigerode has completely adapted to the tourists who move in here all year round. Especially in winter, the city centre is a festival of lights, as the local Christmas market is also known beyond the borders of the region and of course has its own charm, especially in the shadow of the many historic buildings. So if you want to go to the Harz Mountains for a short holiday, you should look around, especially in autumn and winter. However, the cultural events are spread throughout the year. Especially on Walpurgis Night, the Harz Mountains come to life with the legends about the witches and many events, celebrations and dances accompany the event.

In general, the city center is worth a visit. Not only are most of the shops and restaurants to be found here, the old houses around the market square still bear witness to the fact that the city has a long history. The market square has existed in this form since the late 16th century and has only undergone some restorations after the war. Another testimony to the former importance of this area is the Wernigerode Castle. It can be visited all year round and not only cuts a fine figure in winter, as it towers over the Harz Mountains and with its considerable towers makes a wonderful motif for postcards.

The “smallest house”, a beautiful old half-timbered house, which is particularly known for its small size, is just as worthwhile a visit as the aviation museum of Wernigerode. All in all, there is a lot on offer in the city in terms of culture, music and gastronomy. You shouldn’t have ended your short holiday in Wernigerode without having been to one of the quaint restaurants of the small town at least once, which have wonderful cuisine from the heart of Germany on their menus.

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Activities and overnight stays during a short break in Wernigerode

Town Hall of Wernigerode
Town Hall of Wernigerode, Image: lunamarina / shutterstock

Hardly any other area in Germany invites you to so many activities as the Harz Mountains. If you decide to take a short break in the region, it always depends on the season. In winter, you are quickly above the snow line and find some interesting ski regions in the Harz Mountains, where you can enjoy winter sports with all its facets, especially in the depths of winter. However, you are not limited to skis or toboggans, but can enjoy the beautiful landscape on a hike and let the Harz Mountains work their magic on you. Of course, this is even better in autumn and spring, when the Harz Mountains show their green side and the vast forests on the mountains combine with folklore and the many sagas and legends associated with this region of Germany.

When it comes to accommodation, holidaymakers in the Harz Mountains actually have it quite easy. There are many offers in Wernigerode itself – with a little luck you can even spend the night right next to the historic town hall. Otherwise, tourism here has adapted to the many holidaymakers and offers overnight stays in all forms and for all price ranges, from spa hotels to simple overnight stays for winter sports enthusiasts.