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Auf Mallorca ist ein Mietwagen wärmstens zu empfehlen: lunamarina / shutterstock

Rediscover Mallorca with a rental car

Without a rental car, a wonderful holiday in Mallorca is of course possible, without question! But with your own car, it can be an unforgettable and, above all, very varied holiday.

Car hire for your hotel holiday

Individual tours are becoming more and more popular, and even if you have booked a package tour, it makes sense to take a rental car. Who has ever liked to commute for hours to their hotel in a shared bus? Every few minutes a stopover on the way to drop off all guests at their holiday home. A journey of one hour, for example to Cala Millor on the east coast of the island, can quickly turn into a 3-hour tour in a stuffy coach. With a rental car, on the other hand, you can get to the longed-for holiday destination quickly and easily. It is best to find out about the different providers early on:
Car rental in Mallorca – The best providers

Driving fun all over the island

Cala D'or, southeast of Mallorca
Cala D’or, Image: jasminepersson96 / Pixabay

The roads in Mallorca have been very well developed in recent years. Striking and unusual at first are the many roundabouts. But this makes exploring the island even more fun. A round trip on the popular Balearic island can be arranged in different ways. No matter which route you have chosen in the end, you will always come back on one of the very well-developed and smoothly to drive main connecting roads. This does not mean that the side roads are less passable. Maybe sometimes a little narrow, steep or curvy, but waiting times at traffic lights are hardly experienced anymore and potholes, gravel paths or cobblestones are rarely found.

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Discover all facets of the island

Many hikers are looking for peace and quiet, and find it best on a small secluded rocky island on the west side of Mallorca. From the charming village of Sant Elm, a small boat goes to Sa Dragonera, affectionately known as Dragon Island. This beautiful square is difficult to reach by public transport.

If you are planning a trip to the beautiful Tramuntana mountains, you should not miss the serpentine drive. The winding cobbled roads offer a thoroughly unforgettable driving pleasure. On one side you can look into steep, sloping slopes and on the other side meter-high rock formations protrude from the ground. If this seems too exciting and dangerous for you, you can still come north to reach the small town of Sóller as your destination. On the way over the mountains, there are countless opportunities for a stopover. Be it the breathtaking view into the distance over thousands of olive trees, orange farms and wine-growing regions, or one of the small hidden mountain lakes. You will discover curious goats and sheep along the roadside, and occasionally small herds of cows by the water.

Party holiday with cultural programme

If you have booked a holiday with friends, a club or family in El Arenal , you most likely want to have a lot of fun, go partying, turn night into day, enjoy the beach and the sea. Of course, the cultural program will not be neglected either. In principle, public shuttle buses run to Palma and back several times a day. The closer you live to Ballermann 1, the higher the probability that the journey into the city in the morning will hardly be a problem. The prices are also affordable.

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Streets Mallorca
Image: Juergen Faelchle / shutterstock

But if you live in the direction of Ballermann 15, in the quiet village of Can Pastilla, the buses are usually so full in the morning that you can’t get a seat and have to wait for a later one. After the day has started angrily, you might be able to laugh about it again in the afternoon after visiting the cathedral or an extensive shopping tour. Or not. Because in the late afternoon, everyone – tourists, hotel staff and party guests – wants to go exactly where they came from.

In fact, it is not uncommon for many buses to stop at some stops in Palma in the afternoon. Simply because they are simply full! With a rental car, you can get from A to B much faster. But he travels much more relaxed and will mainly remember positive experiences of his well-deserved vacation