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Hamburg ist die bekannteste Musical-Stadt in Deutschland. Aber welche Alternativen gibt es, wenn man einen Städtetrip mit dem Musicalbesuch kombinieren will?, Bild: Canetti / shutterstock

The best German cities for musical fans

Musicals inspire young and old and have now established themselves on many stages around the world alongside classical theatre. With song and dance, known and unknown stories are presented in a unique way and captivate the audience. In Germany, too, there have been certain hot spots for many years where the best musicals in the country can be found. If you are planning a city trip anyway and absolutely want to see a musical, you should choose one of the following cities.

1. Hamburg

The Lion King in Hamburg
The Lion King in Hamburg, Image: telesniuk / shutterstock

The undisputed number one is Hamburg, probably the most important musical city in all of Germany. The Hanseatic city first came into contact with the art form in 1986, when “Cats” was performed on a German stage for the first time. “Dance of the Vampires” and “The Phantom of the Opera” were also two important milestones and have firmly established Hamburg within the musical scene. Since then, the city has been unstoppable and an important hub for German and international performances. With around seven million annual visitors, Hamburg is in third place, behind New York City and London.

The biggest highlight is of course “The Lion King”, the musical created by the Disney film of the same name. For this alone, a trip to Hamburg is worthwhile to see this unique musical. But there is a lot more to see, including productions of “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”, “Disney’s Frozen”, “Mamma Mia!” or “Hamilton – The Musical”. There really is nothing left to be desired here.

2. Stuttgart

Tarzan in Stuttgart
Tarzan – The musical highlight in Stuttgart, Image: 2023_(c)Johan Persson

In addition to Hamburg in the north, Stuttgart in the south of Germany is now also a popular city for musical fans. In 1994, the German premiere of the performance “Miss Saigon” started here. Since then, the musicals have become an integral part of the city. Today, the Stuttgart SI-Centrum in particular is an important centre for all the performances that take place in Stuttgart. Every year, around two million musical enthusiasts are drawn to the city.

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The current selection of shows is also absolutely impressive. In addition to “Disney’s Musical Tarzan”, probably one of the best musicals in the city, there will also be “Sister Act”, “Rocky” and “Tina – The Tina Turner Musical” to see. So there is definitely variety here and no musical fan should miss this great offer.

3. Bochum

Starlight Express in Bochum
Starlight Express in Bochum, © Starlight Express/Detlef Overmann

Bochum is best known for the musical “Starlight Express”, which has been performed for over 30 years and always attracts new and enthusiastic audiences to the city. This is not just a simple stage performance, but a complete arena with actors on roller skates. A truly unique show that cannot be seen anywhere else. For this alone you should definitely make a detour to Bochum, then as now “Starlight Express” is breathtaking and spectacular.

4. Berlin

The capital also has a varied musical scene, which makes Berlin more and more attractive for tourists. Although the city does not have as good a reputation as Hamburg or Stuttgart, it now convinces with great productions and a unique program. In addition, many people are sure to end up in Berlin on a city trip, so why not go straight to a musical? The absolute highlight is definitely the “Blue Man Group”, which has made a name for itself with its extraordinary music and art show. The performance has been at home in Berlin for many years and should be on your list of musicals.

But Berlin also has a lot to offer away from it, including “Ku’Damm 56 – The Musical”, a typical Berlin performance. Otherwise, you also have the choice between “Romeo and Juliet – The Musical”, “Robin Hood – The Musical” or “Berlin Berlin”. A trip to the state capital is therefore a must for anyone who wants to experience some exciting musicals. The flair of the city comes into its own in pretty much every performance.

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5. Munich

Munich has a long theatrical tradition, but musicals are now becoming more and more popular. The city is best known for “We Will Rock You” and “Elisabeth”, which still attract many fans to the south of Germany today. Currently, there are also performances of “Six – The Musical” to be found there, as well as classic musicals such as “Cats” or “The Phantom of the Opera”. Munich is therefore perfect for musical newcomers who want to approach this form of theatre.

6. Cologne

There is also a growing musical scene in Cologne , not least due to the performance of “Moulin Rouge! – The Musical”. Many are certainly familiar with the film adaptation, but the musical takes it up a notch and makes the experience truly unique. Otherwise, you can also watch “Fack Ju Göhte – The Musical” and “Footloose – The Musical” in Cologne .

Other cities with well-known musicals

Leipzig: “Falco – The Musical”, “My Fair Lady”, “Elvis – The Musical”
Oberhausen: “Rocky Horror Show”, “Abba Mania The Show”, “Riverdance”
Düsseldorf: “Abenteuerland – Die hits von PUR”, “Sixties Girls”


Musicals have firmly established themselves in Germany at the latest with the success of shows such as “Starlight Express” or “The Lion King” and are true tourist magnets for cities. Hamburg and Stuttgart should not be missed. Whether family with children or seniors, everyone will find the right musical for themselves. In combination with a city trip, such an excursion is an unforgettable experience.