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Die schönsten Urlaubsorte auf Zakynthos, Bild: Jiri Duchon / shutterstock

The most beautiful resorts in Zakynthos

Zakynthos is the southernmost Ionian island and is a popular tourist destination. It is also called Turtle Island because it is an important breeding ground for turtles. For a long time, Zakynthos was part of the Kingdom of Venice. The Venetians gave the beautiful island the nickname “Flower of the East”. Although Zakynthos is not the largest Ionian island, it has some places to offer that are worth a detour and are worth a holiday trip.

Zakynthos Town

Zakynthos Town
Zakynthos Town, Image: Andrew Mayovskyy / shutterstock

Zakynthos Town is the capital of the island of the same name. Even today, the influence of Venice can be felt in the city. For example, St. Markos Square, which marks the central square of the capital, is somewhat reminiscent of St. Mark’s Square in Venice. The biggest attraction of the square is the church of Agios Dionysos. In it is the tomb of the saint.

Zakynthos town is located at the foot of the hill Bochali. It is also home to the island’s most important port. In 1953, a severe earthquake and fire struck the city and caused severe destruction. During the reconstruction, however, care was taken to preserve the architecture as well as the Venetian charm. Despite the severe destruction of up to 90 percent, it was possible to save many art treasures. Historical building plans were included in the reconstruction, which allowed the historical presence of the city to be preserved.

At present, Zakynthos town is a mixture of new buildings and reconstructions. Among its attractions are various museums such as the Byzantine Museum. Among other things, pieces of Ionic painting can be viewed here.

The beach promenade and the numerous small paths in the city centre invite you to take a walk. Another attraction is the ruins of the Venetian Castle, which can be found on the top of Strani Hill.

In the north of Zakynthos town, the long, narrow beach invites you to visit. There are various leisure activities such as yacht clubs, play parks and tennis courts. Of course, shopping enthusiasts also get their money’s worth in the island’s capital. Souvenir shops, grocery stores and clothing stores can be found there.


Laganas, Zakynthos
On the beach of Laganas, Image: Patryk Kosmider / shutterstock

One of the most popular tourist resorts in Zakynthos is the village of Laganas in the southwest of the island, which has a lively nightlife. While it is a sought-after destination for entertainment holidays in the summer, it is almost deserted in the winter months.

There are many hotels, shops and nightclubs in Laganas. There are also several pubs and restaurants. Guests can also enjoy a kilometre-long beach, which is also the longest on the island, or take excursions to the Keri Caves or Marathonisssi Island.

Because the turquoise blue water is shallow, the beach of Laganas is considered very family-friendly. Part of it is part of the protected area of the national marine park. The endangered hawksbill turtle breeds in it.

At night, Laganas becomes a lively party mile and attracts numerous young visitors. The resort of Laganas has hotels with swimming pools, apartments and a campsite. Discotheques and pubs with music are also available.


Kalamaki, Zakynthos
Kalamaki, Image: Leszek Glasner / shutterstock

Separated from Laganas by a pine forest, the village of Kalamaki is located on the main road. The tourist destination offers its guests newly built hotels and restaurants where they can expect different levels of comfort. There are also souvenir shops and snack bars.

Of course, there is a beach in Kalamaki, which is an extension of Laganas beach. The beach attracts with its fine sand and is very visited in its first section. At its rear end, things are usually quieter. Due to the turtles, Kalamaki beach can only be visited at certain times.

There are connections to Laganas and Zakynthos by bus. Furthermore, cars or bicycles can be rented. The medium-sized village of Kalamaki has hotels and apartments. There are also various shops.


Historic Bridge Argasi, Zakyntos
Historic bridge in Argasi, Image: Anastasios71 / shutterstock

Not far from Zakynthos town is the small, modern tourist resort of Argasi. It has a good tourist infrastructure. The holiday resort can be found mainly on the coastal road. Visitors can stop at pubs, restaurants or traditional inns. In some cases, entertainment is offered into the night.

Among the sights of Argasi are the remains of old houses, churches and bridges. The enchanting bay with its fantastic view in the evening hours is also worth a detour. From Zakynthos, Argasi can be reached by bus.

Accommodation in Argasi includes hotels, apartments and one-bedroom apartments suitable for all needs. There is a choice between quiet and lively areas. The beach is spacious and ideal for a family holiday.


Tsilivi in Zakynthos
Tsilivi, Image: koal_a / shutterstock

To the east of Zakynthos lies the town of Tsilivi. It is equipped with a modern tourist infrastructure. The water on the beach is crystal clear. Tourists can enjoy good leisure facilities such as mini golf, an entertainment centre, restaurants, shops, bowling, karaoke, sporting events and a water park.

The beach of Tsivili is partly sandy and partly rocky. Guests can also choose between jet ski bikes or pedalos that can be rented. Otherwise, it is good to swim and lie in the sun. There is also a volleyball court and bars. The capital Zakynthos can be easily reached by bus. Cars, mopeds or bicycles are also rented.

Shopping enthusiasts will get their money’s worth in the souvenir shops, jewellery shops and markets. For the evening there is the possibility of a choice of Greek, Chinese or Italian restaurants. Tsilivi’s accommodation offers include hotels and apartments. There is also a campsite. The accommodations can be occupied both on the beach and inland.