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Portland in den Abendstunden, Bild: TayHamPhotography / shutterstock

Portland: perhaps the greenest city in America

Portland has always been a port of call for individualists and free spirits. The metropolis in the northwest of the USA, which has a good 650,000 inhabitants, is not far from the Canadian border. The region is known for its excellent air quality, thanks to the nearby mountains and many green spaces in and around Portland. In addition to artists and creatives, many sports enthusiasts have settled in Portland and shape the city’s image. Although Portland is a big city, small-town flair flows through the streets here. Perhaps this is partly due to the fact that the city can be easily explored by bike. The nightlife also has a lot to offer. Since the 1980s, Portland has been a hotspot of the American independent and alternative scene.

Portland and art

To see the works of great artists in Portland, you don’t necessarily have to go to a museum. There are so many artists based in the city that a more than lively creative scene has established itself here. It is worth wandering through the small galleries and taking a look at the results of the creative work of these artists. If you are lucky, you can unearth many a treasure and buy a painting by a still unknown artist at a reasonable price, which will soon be worth a lot. If you like it more orderly, visit the Portland Art Museum of Modern Art, which is located in the Southwest District. It was founded in 1892 and is one of the oldest museums on the West Coast of the USA . Visitors can linger for a long time at the more than 42,000 exhibits. Works by indigenous artists are strongly represented. If you are looking for art on a small budget, you will find it at one of the many craft markets, which can be visited every weekend between March and December.

Wandering through Portland’s parks

St. John's Bridge in Portland
St. Johns Bridge, Image: John Couture / shutterstock

Portland is one of the American cities that has the highest number of parks and gardens. Thus, the city is a true paradise for all passionate walkers and nature lovers. When visiting Portland, you should not miss Washington Park. The park is located a little elevated on a hill and thus guarantees wonderful views. Visiting the huge park area is particularly popular with families with children. Because on the grounds of Washington Park there is a children’s museum as well as the Oregon Zoo. This is the largest zoo in the entire US state of Oregon. The animal domicile, which opened in 1888, can be moved around on foot or by narrow-gauge railway. There are numerous animals such as elephants, bears, lions or penguins to see.

Furthermore, Washington Park also houses the Japanese Garden, a section for friends of the Far Eastern garden style. This landscape park exudes endless peace, especially in autumn. Also part of Washington Park is the International Rose Test Garden. Portland is climatically very suitable for rose cultivation, which can be verified here on the basis of the collection of 8,000 roses. There are also several botanical gardens in the city, such as the Berry Botanic Garden and the Leach Botanical Garden. In the Lan Su Chinese Garden, a visit to the Chinese tea room is worthwhile. Finally, in the Forest Park, all hiking enthusiasts get their money’s worth. The forest area is natural and has numerous well-marked hiking trails that bring visitors very close to American nature.

Going out in Portland

Whether you’re looking for a dignified meal or a party in Portland, the city has something for everyone. If you like to follow the trend of culinary diversity, you can choose between around 600 different food trucks in the city of Portland. From these, unusual and local dishes are sold. Basically, Portland’s landlords attach great importance to quality and regionality. This can be felt on every corner in the stationary restaurants. So if you like to eat healthy, as well as vegetarian or vegan, you will have no problems in Portland with skilful and appropriate food. If you want to go out really nicely, you should head for the Old Town Chinatown district. It’s home to Portland’s hottest clubs and plenty of cocktail bars serving up new and exciting creations. In addition, music bars are lined up here, which help young and talented artists to perform live. And friends of stand-up comedy are also in the right place in this nightlife district.

Must-see attractions in Portland

One of Portland’s best attractions is the city itself. The best thing to do is to rent a bike and cross the water-rich metropolis on the Willamette River. The individual districts are connected by opulently designed bridges. You should definitely visit the Morrison Bridge, a bascule bridge. Especially after dark, the colorfully illuminated bridge looks spectacular. The St. Johns Bridge suspension bridge impresses with its Gothic-inspired architectural language. The Pittock Mansion is an old villa from the early 19th century, which already looks more than stately and enchanted from the outside. The interior houses a regional history museum. The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry is a technology museum located directly on the Willamette River. The museum includes a submarine that lies in the river and can be visited. In the centrally located Alberta Street, you can relax by strolling through cool shops and fortify yourself in a hip restaurant