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Graffiti an der Wand des Kölner Zoos, Bild: Christian Mueller / shutterstock

The most beautiful zoos in Germany

There is hardly any other activity that can inspire young and old people to the same extent as a visit to the zoo. The opportunity to experience exotic but also native animals up close, to pet goats and simply to experience a beautiful day in an often atmospherically perfect environment has been inspiring families for years. In addition, zoos in Germany enjoy a high status. Attention is paid to the animals and even the zoos within the cities are small islands of nature. But what are the most beautiful zoos in Germany? Which one should you have seen?

Munich Zoo Hellabrunn

Hellabrunn Munich
Hellabrunn Zoo in Munich, Image: Carso80 / shutterstock

Like so many other zoos in Germany, the zoo in Munich has a long history. It has existed for over 100 years now and knows how to welcome locals and tourists from all over the world. The entire world plays a major role in the Munich Zoo, because here the enclosures of the animals are not simply divided by species. A visitor wanders through the different continents of the world, can make a trip to Africa and see the exotic animals from afar, but stay with native species from the European region. It is a small journey of discovery with special features and a great focus on telling visitors as much as possible about the animals.

The special feature is the many public feedings of the animals and the small games that the keepers have with their animal partners. Thus, several times a day at some enclosure, additional fun and games can be seen for the visitor, while the animals are cared for by the people who are responsible for them. Perfect for a trip with family, friends or even all by yourself to take a break from the stressful world.

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The Zoological Garden in Berlin

Berlin Zoological Garden
Entrance area of the Berlin Zoological Garden, Image: Massimo Todaro / shutterstock

Bahnhof Zoo is known all over the world. The zoo itself is only a stone’s throw away from the famous building and extends not only to the zoo but also to the Tiergarten, which has a separate entrance fee. By the way, the zoo in Berlin is also the oldest of its kind in Germany and was founded in 1844. The fate of the animal inhabitants is closely linked to the eventful history of the capital, which is also told by many interesting exhibitions in the zoo itself. He was once the pride of the emperor and experienced bitter dramas during the world wars.

In addition to a very interesting and impressive underwater pool, where sea lions and penguins can be experienced in their natural habitat, the house is also interesting for the dark safari. Nocturnal animals can also be observed in broad daylight during their normal way of life. The zoo also offers a small petting area with small animals. Due to its central location in the capital, the visit can only be recommended.

Hagenbeck Zoo in Hamburg

Hamburg Hagenbeck
Hagenbeck’s Zoo in Hamburg, Image: Oksana Turkmenbaeva / shutterstock

Actually, the zoo in Hamburg is a zoo and moreover, it has been in family hands since the beginning of its history. This signature can still be seen today in the loving design of the area. It is above all the long history of the park that has had an influence on zoos in Germany. For the first time, they dispensed with grids and wanted to present the animals in an environment that was as natural and species-appropriate as possible. Today, the zoo is more than just a “zoo”. Beautiful buildings and gardens stretch across the grounds and make the visit a great experience for every visitor. A whole day can easily be spent at Hagenbeck Zoo.

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The Leipzig Zoological Garden

Leipzig Zoological Garden
Leipzig Zoological Garden, Image: MooNam StockPhoto / shutterstock

The zoo in Leipzig focuses above all on interaction with visitors. On various tours and with different events and guided tours, visitors are guided through the zoo and can see many animals in an almost natural environment. This concept has been around in Leipzig for over 150 years now and has reinvented itself again and again over the years. In addition, the zoo boasts one of the greatest biodiversity in all of Europe . The great ape enclosure, the tropical forest and the jungle enclosure are just a few examples of the unique reservoirs that have been created here over the decades. A real journey of discovery and very instructive for young and old visitors alike.

The Family Zoo in Hanover

Hanover Zoo
Hanover Zoo, Image: Svetlana Kostenski / shutterstock

The concept of the adventure zoo was perfected in Hanover. This is also the reason why the facility has received dozens of awards over the years for its family-friendliness. In Hanover , too, the focus is on the most natural environment possible for the different species that are exhibited here. In themed worlds and specialized parts of the park, the animals can be observed as they are fed in peace or simply enjoy fun and games with their fellow animals. It is above all the very vivid surroundings and the feeling of entering the natural environment of the animals that make the zoo so interesting for many visitors. In addition to numerous learning and fun opportunities, there are also many restaurants and opportunities for a short rest. This makes Hannover Zoo one of the most beautiful and definitely family-friendly zoos in all of Germany.