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Aussicht von den Drachenfelsen nach Bad Honnef, Bild: Leonid Andronov / shutterstock

Experience the perfect summer: Activities and excursion destinations in NRW 2023

The summer holidays in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) are a highlight for pupils and families in Germany every year. After a challenging school year, everyone is looking forward to the break. Let your mind wander for six weeks and enjoy the warm season. But what activities and experiences are there during the Summer holidays NRW 2023? What can you do as a family? What options do students have on vacation? In this article, I will introduce you to the best excursion destinations, events and leisure activities. There is something for everyone, whether it’s adventure, recreation or culture. Grab a soft drink and get inspired!

The land of unlimited opportunities … to go on holiday

The region offers a variety of activities where everyone gets their money’s worth. Families with children can visit amusement parks such as Phantasialand or Movie Park Germany, for example. For animal lovers, the Cologne Zoo or the Allwetterzoo in Münster are a good animal destination. Summer brings high temperatures and this is ideal for a trip to a water park. Nowhere else is summer as cool as in North Rhine-Westphalia. The Aquapark Oberhausen offers you a swimming pool under a glass roof with a giant slide. In summer, the glass dome opens, like a space telescope. Unique! NRW offers many options to combine fresh air and adventure. Outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling or canoeing are good opportunities to enjoy nature with the family.

The summer holidays should be well planned

Zoos in Germany
Graffiti on the wall of the Cologne Zoo, Image: Christian Mueller / shutterstock

In all activities with the family, planning is important. Especially in amusement parks, you should plan enough time to enjoy the excursion without stress. You should also check the travel options and opening hours so that there are no nasty surprises. Especially for outdoor day trips, the weather also plays a major role. When it comes to outdoor activities, you should rather focus on the children. For example, some hiking routes are not suitable for children. Breaks are also important on all excursions. A visit to the zoo in particular quickly tires the legs and then a bench comes in handy. And how nice is it to have a small snack then? Food and drink should not be missing and should be taken into account, especially on hiking tours. Are you a student and want to travel with your family? Super! As a student in NRW, you will have certain advantages.

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Students also benefit from the holidays

There are also many opportunities for students to relax and gain new experiences during the summer holidays. Student discounts at theme parks, museums and cultural festivals make these activities particularly attractive. Student festivals also offer a varied programme of music, culture and sports. A road trip through NRW or a trip to a neighboring country are quite possible during the holidays. Many students also use the summer holidays to complete an internship and thus gain their first professional experience.

Which excursion destinations in NRW are interesting for students?
you will find 12 possibilities.

NRW therefore offers a variety of opportunities for families and students. The summer holidays can be made meaningful and varied. It is important to plan the summer holidays. The best thing to do is to sit down at a table as a family and discuss your holiday wishes. Whether adventure or relaxation, young and old will get their money’s worth – promised!