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Blick auf Kopenhagen, Bild: S-F / shutterstock

Holidays in Denmark

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Denmark is one of the most popular German travel destinations ever. And for good reason. Because the Scandinavian peninsula not only offers countless historical and cultural sightseeing highlights. In addition to that, there is also beautiful Copenhagen. However, the No. 1 holiday reason for German tourists is the nature holiday on the North Sea. Fresh air, beautiful beaches and a relaxed ambience – it doesn’t get any better than this. Where to stay for the perfect Denmark vacation and what other insider tips there are, we reveal in this guide.

The best methods for a holiday in Denmark

There is no question that Denmark is really a wonderful holiday destination. But what exactly is the best way to travel to the north now? Is a campsite the best choice? Or rather the holiday home?

  • Holidays in a hotel: Denmark is not really known for its hotel complexes. Yet the Scandinavian country boasts some of the most stunning and classy hotels in Northern Europe. The only disadvantage is that these are rather rare in the middle of Denmark’s beautiful nature.
  • Holiday in a holiday home: Holiday homes in Denmark combine the best of all worlds: the comfort of your own home combined with the beautiful nature outside. It doesn’t get any better than this! There are also a wide variety of types of holiday homes. So you can then choose the perfect holiday home according to your own wishes and ideas. How about a holiday home in Blavand, for example?
  • Holidays at the campsite: Camping holidays in Denmark are an absolute classic. And quite rightly so. After all, Danish campsites promise beautiful nature and excellent sanitary facilities.
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More tips for your holiday in Denmark

Life in Scandinavia is generally a bit more expensive than in the rest of Europe. And of course, this is especially true for a holiday in Denmark. Accommodation, sightseeing and daily life all cost a little more. Of course, it’s great if you could save something elsewhere. And that’s exactly why we’ve come up with these three tips:

  1. Buy food in Germany

As already mentioned, everyday items in particular are more expensive in Denmark than in Germany. Therefore, we recommend that you do your shopping in Germany, especially for campers and trips to a holiday home. Of course, only non-perishable things. Nevertheless – buying all non-perishable goods in Germany saves a lot of money.

  1. Book in time

As with any holiday, the same applies to Denmark: Booking in good time saves a lot of money. Because the earlier you book, the lower the prices for accommodation usually are. And by the way, you can then secure your own dream accommodation without stress.

  1. Observe speed limits

Denmark has a much tougher road traffic law than Germany. Even slight speeding can quickly cost a lot of money. In the worst case, there is even the threat of a driving ban.

A holiday in Denmark promises a lot of fun, breathtaking nature and beautiful memories for eternity. So it can be worthwhile to book your trip to Denmark today. And if you follow our tips for your holiday, the perfect Denmark holiday is guaranteed.