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Im Wellnesshotel dem stressigen Alltag entfliehen, Bild: Christopher Moswitzer / shutterstock

Healthy and fit through the cold season

A wellness holiday is not only a good idea to escape the gloomy dirty weather in Germany. The holiday offers relaxation for body and soul with various baths, massages and other treatments. The relaxed atmosphere, but also exercise in the fresh air, make you fit, strengthen the immune system and don’t give winter depression a chance. If you want to relax from everyday life and be pampered, you don’t have to go far. There are also a large number of wellness hotels with attractive offers in Germany and neighbouring countries.

Wellness in the cold season

The cold season makes you susceptible to flu, colds and other infections. The skin is severely stressed by the cold air. The gloomy weather brings the mood to its lowest point – winter blues and depression are the result. This also affects the immune system, which is weakened as a result. The dry heating air dries out the mucous membranes. Viruses and bacteria have an easy time settling and spreading in the cold season. This makes it all the more important now to strengthen the immune system and pamper body and soul. Most people associate wellness with sauna visits or spa resorts. However, physical and mental well-being is important. The feel-good factor is completely subjective. While one relies on sauna visits, wellness means relaxation exercises or activities in nature for others. On a wellness holiday, everything can be combined. A holiday with a pampering programme makes you fit, gives you new strength and strengthens your immune system. If you take a wellness break, you can forget the worries of everyday life, get your body going again with exercise and master stress better again.

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Current wellness trends of the season

A guest survey of 3,000 wellness enthusiasts Participants of beauty24 and Wellness-Hotels & Resorts, which took place from December 2019 to the beginning of February 2020, will be informed about the new trends. Guests are happy to pay a little more for quality. 139 wellness hoteliers also took part in this survey. At the top of the popularity scale

  • supervised outdoor activities
  • Digital detox without mobile devices in the spa area
  • Wellness with the family
  • Environmental awareness and sustainability.

As the survey showed, guests are happy to pay for good care. For example, they take part in guided hikes or rent e-bikes. An important trend with activities and wellness is also cycling holidays with guided bike tours. The renunciation of mobile devices is also an important concern of many guests, but also of many hoteliers. One reason for this is the camera function of smartphones. Since most guests now voluntarily do without their smartphones in the wellness area,

Relax and unwind on a wellness holiday, Image: Kzenon / shutterstock

this problem is solved without any prohibitions. In order to reconcile rest periods for relaxation and time for the family, many wellness enthusiasts want wellness offers for the whole family. An important aspect of this is childcare. Sustainability and environmental awareness are increasingly important topics for wellness guests. They want food with organic certification and fair trade products. Nutritional advice and cooking courses are also in vogue among the wellness offers.

Different needs of wellness guests

All wellness guests want to relax, but they have different needs. Relaxation is no longer just about all-round carefree packages with massages, beauty treatments and sauna. Young people value good sleep for relaxation. Sporting activities are of great importance. The older generation is enthusiastic about excursions into nature. The wellness hoteliers have recognized this trend and are responding to the different needs of guests.

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Regions with good wellness hotels

South Tyrol is a popular region for wellness holidays at any time of the year. The range of wellness hotels, which also offer the perfect opportunities for the winter, is huge there. The whole family can relax in family-friendly wellness hotels, while romantic hotels with wellness areas are suitable for couples. Germany also has many regions to relax, for example Lower Saxony with the Emsland, East Frisia and the Harz Mountains. Popular German wellness regions are also North Rhine-Westphalia, Bavaria or Rhineland-Palatinate. Other popular destinations for a wellness holiday in winter are Austria and Switzerland.

Conclusion: Many regions for wellness holidays nearby

Wellness is important in the cold season to strengthen the immune system and forget the stress of everyday life. Current trends in the season are sustainable wellness offers, wellness holidays with the family and supervised activities. If you are planning a wellness holiday in winter, you don’t have to go far. In South Tyrol, Austria and Switzerland, but also in Germany, there are many scenic regions with wellness hotels.