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Eine sportliche Alternative zum klassischen Urlaub: Radurlaub, Bild: Florian Augustin / shutterstock

Cycling holiday: Relax and discover on a bike

The most precious weeks of the year, the holiday season, are spent by more and more people on bicycles. What makes cycling holidays so fascinating?

Cycling is healthy per se. Joint-friendly, moderate movement sequences in the fresh air offer a high degree of relaxation and have a stress-relieving and condition-promoting effect. Cycling is beneficial and also great fun. If the sight of exciting landscapes and the enjoyment of art and cultural sites along the route provide variety, a cycling holiday can be very relaxing and memorable.

Booked as a package or planning your own?

Cycling holidays have not only been booming since yesterday. In the mid-90s, the boom began with river cycle paths. This popular form of travel by pedal on a riverbank has proven itself to this day. It is not only the idea of fitness that gets holidaymakers in the saddle of their bikes. Along the way, rivers are experienced in the truest sense of the word and accompanied in their course; the spirit of adventure and discovery is not neglected either. Despite modern GPS equipment, cycle path apps and detailed cycling maps, a sense of direction and cleverness are required during an individually planned bike tour. If you travel on your own rim, you will take care of supply and overnight accommodation, rest areas and “sights” along the route.

Bike Tour City Trip
Exploring the city by bike, Image: Akhenaton Images / shutterstock

Package cycling tourists have it easier. They book a trip from A to B, get rental bikes, maybe a scout and know in which town and in which accommodation they can recover from an eventful day of cycling. In addition, package cycle tourists cycle WITHOUT luggage. This will be transported by the organizer to the next place of accommodation.

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Themed cycle paths and rugged coastal tours

In addition to the popular river cycle paths, themed cycling tours such as regional castle routes, gourmet routes, industrial monument routes and also the combination with a boat holiday are now offered. In the course of the relatively young history of cycling holidays, not only has the range of all-inclusive cycling holidays developed and expanded, but cycling tourists have become more demanding. Anyone who has already ridden the queens of the river cycle routes, the Danube and Elbe cycle paths, in Germany and neighbouring countries, is striving for “higher things”. The North Sea Coast Cycle Route is almost 6,000 km long and requires not only a good level of fitness, but also professional equipment and detailed, long-term planning. The tour leads from the German North Sea coast via Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Great Britain and the Netherlands and offers great adventure potential in addition to magnificent nature experiences.

Cycling holidays in the mild Mallorcan climate

Cycling holidays in the countryside
Cycling holiday in the countryside, Image: Samo Trebizan / shutterstock

If you like it milder in terms of climate, book a cycling holiday in Mallorca. Whether with your own bike – airlines transport the bike at moderate prices – or with a borrowed bike from one of the numerous bike rental companies on Mallorca. It is important to book accommodation in good time during the peak travel season; this is not likely to be easy in the high season and in the tourist strongholds. This is because cycle tourists usually only stay one night, and accommodation providers have little interest in making their accommodation available only for short overnight stays. Tip: Decide on the route with stopovers and overnight stops at home and clarify whether you should make a reservation before starting your journey from Germany .

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Perfect cycling holiday

The idea of relaxation, fitness and adventure should not be missing on any cycling holiday. And if the weather cooperates – after all, cycling tourists spend most of the year in the open air – nothing stands in the way of a perfect cycling holiday!