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Der Speiseplan im Urlaub ist verführerisch, Bild: icemanphotos / shutterstock

Gaining weight on vacation – You should know these calorie traps

I’m sure you’re familiar with this: although the suitcase was already full to bursting at the start of the trip, you actually come back from your vacation with more luggage. Unfortunately, this phenomenon does not only refer to material things, but is often also physically noticeable. You sweat for months in the gym to show off your bikini figure during the holidays and as soon as you’re back home, your muscles hide under a well-nourished layer of fat. No wonder that frustration returns not only with regard to the work at hand. But be careful, once you know the little pitfalls that smuggle a gram or two onto your hips, you can avoid them. Here’s what you should know the next time you travel.

Calorie trap warm temperatures

Sweat on holiday? At most at 30°C by the pool. Of course, there is nothing wrong with a little lazing around. Once a year it has to be easy, otherwise the vacation wouldn’t be a vacation. Besides, you won’t get fat from a week on the beach towel.
Nevertheless, your calorie turnover in the warm, southern holiday regions drops due to the higher outside temperatures. In order for your body temperature to remain constant at around 36.5°C, your body has to convert calories into heat, i.e. heat it up, so to speak. However, an increased outside temperature partly relieves it of this task.

This is how you can prevent

Boost your calorie consumption even on vacation. Let’s be honest, sunbathing on the lounger all the time also gets boring in the long run. A game of beach volleyball will make you just as tan. Go wild in the sea and try a water sport like kitesurfing. If you have enough discipline, you can go jogging on the beach in the morning even on vacation. It doesn’t have to be long, because the soft sand puts a lot of strain on your calf muscles. As a reward, you can enjoy a colorful sunrise. By the way, exercise can not only be incorporated into your holiday by the sea. Instead of using the bus or cable car, you simply walk the distances. This way you can see more of the landscape, be more flexible and save the ticket on top of that. Last but not least, the elevator in the hotel is also taboo. Better take the stairs. To maintain your water balance, it is important to drink plenty of fluids. Of course, only water and, if necessary, juice spritzers. These drinks also purify your body.

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Other temptations

Although it has been proven that heat restricts calorie consumption, you are also exposed to high temperatures at home in summer. So why do you gain weight on vacation?

Calorie trap buffet

Winter holiday Essen
Culinary “traps” lurk even on winter vacation, Image: Razbitnov / shutterstock

How wonderful when you wake up in the morning and smell the scent of freshly baked rolls and scrambled eggs from the covered buffet from afar. And only the sight! With so much choice of colorful foods, your mouth will water. And this is exactly where the danger lurks. Everyone feels the same way as you, you just can’t decide, you’re afraid of missing out on something and you eat everything.
It’s easy to lose track. The buffet is particularly treacherous because your taste buds are always exposed to new stimuli due to the variety of foods. Surely you know the effect that after some time you are full of a single dish. This is because you get used to the taste and lose the cravings for the food. However, if you eat different things together, this process does not occur.

Not to forget the aspect that the food is always available. When the table is cleared at home, your brain is signaled that the meal is over. A feeling of satiety sets in automatically. But if you secretly know that you have the opportunity to snack, you will usually do so. How often do we reach for food out of boredom! And then usually not to fruit, but to sweet sins.

How to prevent

It’s best to set a limit beforehand on how much you want to eat. For example, you treat yourself to three plates. Be careful not to overload them, but only load up on small portions. You can orient yourself by assigning the amount that fits in one hand to a serving. In addition, every gear is known to make you slim. So it’s better to go to the buffet once again to get a second helping. If you eat slowly, you will also feel full faster. Enjoy every bite instead of gobbling it. The staff will make sure that there is enough for everyone. Before you reach out, you should also divide your plate. One half is filled with fresh fruit and vegetables. Of the remaining half, about two-thirds may be filled with protein-rich foods such as cheese and eggs. The last third also allows for a sweet jam roll or whatever you feel like. With this method, you don’t have to do without anything. Nevertheless, the fruit ensures that your stomach fills up relatively quickly and you are full. By the way, whole grain products have the same effect. They keep insulin levels constant and store energy, so you don’t get cravings during the day. Unfortunately, there are often only baked goods made from white flour abroad. Caution is also advised with fruit juices. They are considered secret sugar traps.

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Extra tip: At breakfast in the hotel – if allowed – put together a healthy packed lunch for the day. This also saves money and calories.

Calorie trap restaurant

Many love not having to cook on holiday and instead indulge in culinary delights in the restaurant. And because you certainly don’t go out to eat every day, for once you don’t pay attention to the creamy sauce and the greasy steak, but order what you feel like. However, keep in mind that restaurants often serve very large portions. Last but not least, the alcohol in beer and wine also settles on the hips.

How to prevent

Set yourself a limit here as well. If you have already been to the street café at noon after a stroll through the city, you have to provide yourself with a sandwich or a quick home-cooked vegetable stir-fry in the evening. You can save calories both here and abroad if you don’t touch the bread basket. Even if it seems to take forever for the food to be served, you should definitely resist. It’s better to order a glass of water that will fill you up in advance. A soup also fills the stomach in advance. At best, it is particularly spicy, because this stimulates the metabolism. Alternatively, you can usually help yourself with the spices on the table.