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CBD and the first-aid kit: What to look out for?

For many people, CBD products have become important companions in their everyday lives in recent years. They not only offer an interesting form of dietary supplementation, but are also increasingly used to combat sleep problems and exhaustion. At the same time, the topic is repeatedly represented in the media, which of course is mainly related to the associated active ingredients. The legal situation for CBD is not the same everywhere in Europe – so what should you pay attention to if you want to pack CBD oils and other products in your suitcase when travelling?

What is the legal situation around CBD in Europe?

In general, it can be said that most CBD products are no longer a problem in Germany . All reputable dealers only offer products that are in accordance with EU directives and German laws – accordingly, you don’t have to worry about whether the products are okay when traveling in Germany. The main factor here is that the products do not have a higher concentration than 0.2 percent THC – in Switzerland , up to one percent concentration is allowed. Since retailers pay meticulous attention to this limit, it is quite easy for German consumers to order and use the corresponding products from trustworthy and reputable retailers.

The situation is a little different in the northern countries of Europe. If you want to take the CBD products with you to Sweden or Norway, you should have a corresponding certificate from your doctor. There they are still considered prescription-only. Especially at customs, there could be problems if CBD oils or other products are found – you should be prepared for that. It is even more extreme when it comes to Belgium , for example. There, products with CBD are still completely banned. So if you are planning a trip to this country, you should refrain from bringing the CBD products into the country if you want to avoid any questions during an inspection.

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What’s next for the legality of CBD?

How the question of the legality of CBD in Germany and Europe will continue in the coming years will also depend directly on how the German government decides with regard to cannabis. While CBD actually has nothing to do with the classic intoxicant, it is repeatedly classified in this area and the laws are correspondingly strict. In the USA, it is already evident what possibilities can be available if there are no restrictive measures regarding CBD legality – because there is a much more prepared range of products available for every taste and a wide variety of applications.

If there is legalization in Germany in the next few years, it can be assumed that the EU will also reform itself in a wide variety of areas – if only to make border traffic and business with customs easier again. So the development is exciting and until then there are still a lot of products available that you can take with you to most countries in the world.