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Das Smartphone bietet zahlreiche Möglichkeiten, sich die Zeit während der Anreise zum Urlaubsort zu vertreiben, Bild: CandyRetriever / shutterstock

The best online activities while traveling!

“The journey is the reward!” This old wisdom is often correct. But many travelers simply want to get to their vacation destination as quickly as possible and prefer to sleep through the night on the way there or chase away the long journey time with various activities. Digitization has provided valuable services here in recent years. Because the possibilities to pass the time during a trip have multiplied through numerous feasible online activities. The best of them can be found in this article.

Book the best tours and excursions

If you want, you can get an overview of which attractions are waiting for you at your holiday destination on the plane, train or car. Depending on the location, the possibilities range from visiting the most important sights to unforgettable multi-day tours.

The problem with this is that often long waiting times have to be taken or you are “fobbed off” during a loveless mass tour. With apps such as “Get your Guide”, it is possible to book a personal tour guide during the trip, who will show you the best places and corners at your holiday destination.

In contrast to the sometimes windy local providers, the prices here are transparently shown and there are no unpleasant surprises in this regard. The quality of the offers is guaranteed by a rating system in which customers can award grades for their experiences.

Best real money casinos: Why gamble at your holiday destination?

Even if the holiday trip leads to gamblers’ paradises such as Las Vegas or Monte Carlo, this is no reason not to pass the time in online casinos during the journey and to practice for the big appearance at the Bellagio.

But here, too, it is important to rely on a reputable provider so that the holiday budget is not already gone before the trip. The search is quite simple: Best real money casinos are compared in detail here. Above all, attention should be paid to the entry bonus of the providers. Because when making your first deposit, it is possible to double your stake and also get a few free spins.

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Online games make you lonely? Not this one!

If you want, you can also pass the travel time with a game on your smartphone. But somehow the contact with the other travelers is lost when everyone is always staring at their own screen and doesn’t care how the others are doing.

But there are also numerous games that can be played against each other on a laptop or smartphone. One of the classics, for example, is Quizduell. Because here there is not only the opportunity to compete against millions of anonymous opponents, but also to challenge friends or family members. The aim is to answer knowledge questions from a wide variety of categories. For example, if you travel to London or Dublin and want to take part in a pub quiz there, you will find an ideal training opportunity here.

The famous “City, Country, River” can now also be played via its own app. You are also welcome to define the categories yourself. The boring “car brand” can then be replaced, for example, by categories such as “hip influencers” or “typical of the 2000s”.

The famous Angry Birds are known to almost everyone. What few people know, however, is that in the “Angry Birds Friends” version, tournaments can also be held against other players.

Listen to audiobooks for free

If you want, you don’t have to wait until you arrive at your holiday destination to be enchanted by exotic landscapes and foreign cultures. Even on the way to your holiday destination, it is possible to take a little mental journey and be transported to another world while listening to an audiobook.

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With a little know-how, the content can even be consumed for free. For example, on sites like vorleser.net, there are more than 750 free audiobooks and radio plays legally available as streams or for download. Among them are numerous classics by well-known authors such as Heinrich Heine, Jules Verne or Arthur Schnitzler.

With the “Free Version” of Spotify and Deezer, it is not only possible to listen to your favorite music, but also numerous audiobooks and podcasts. For example, works such as “Tschick” by Wolfgang Herrndorf or “The Measurement of the World” by Daniel Kehlmann. One of the best travel podcasts is “Microabenteuer und die weite Welt”, in which Rebecca and Joris talk about their travels to exciting countries.

Looking for holiday partners for the trip

If you don’t have a partner, you don’t have to travel alone or spend all your time alone at your holiday destination. On numerous platforms such as urlaubspartner.net, joinmytrip.com or travel-friends.com, it is possible to search specifically for a suitable travel companion. All you need to do is register on the website, enter the desired holiday period and destination and specify your personal requirements.

The problem with this, however, is that it is often too late for this during the trip. So what to do? While waiting to be admitted to the plane, looking for other solo travelers probably looks a little strange.

Instead, classic online dating apps such as Tinder can be used to network locally. But honesty is important. In your own description, it should be clearly stated that the search should only be a local travel acquaintance. That doesn’t mean that it can’t develop into an interesting holiday flirt.

Check the weather situation on site

Before booking excursions or tours at the holiday destination, it is advisable to find out a little about the weather conditions for the next few days in advance. As a rule, a separate app is not required for basic information. A simple Google search already provides the most important data on the expected temperatures and possible storm capriciousness. If you still want to know exactly, you can use weather apps such as MeteoBlue, AccuWeather or WeatherPro.