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Mit der passenden Reisetasche in den Urlaub, Bild: Ann Haritonenko / shutterstock

What makes the perfect travel bag?

If you are looking for a new travel bag, you often resolve to pay attention to “everything”. But what does this “everything” actually mean? And what factors become important when it comes to creating the basis for more comfort with the right piece of luggage?

What is certain is that the demands around everyday objects of this kind have changed significantly over time. And it is certainly due to the high demand, among other things, that more and more manufacturers are trying to stand out from the rest of the competition.

Last but not least, it is personal taste that decides whether a piece of luggage really fits 100 percent. With the following tips, the available selection can often be narrowed down a little more.

Detail No. 1: A fair price

A look at the pricing of many manufacturers shows that a high-quality travel bag does not necessarily have to be expensive. Among other things, a Taschenkaufhaus discount code , for example, can also help to noticeably reduce the invoice amount.

Accordingly, it is definitely advisable to look for new offers at regular intervals if there is a corresponding need. Regardless of whether you choose one of the current collections or a sale offer, the probability of being able to benefit from a convincing price-performance ratio is high these days.

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Detail No. 2: An appealing design

Almost everyone has individual requirements when it comes to spending the perfect holiday. Some have set themselves the goal of ensuring maximum comfort when camping, others want to enjoy the feeling of not having to worry about anything in a 5-star campsite.

However, the personal touch and the expectations associated with it also play an important role in the selection of luggage. This can be seen, among other things, with regard to the appearance of the suitcases, travel bags, etc. A look at the current trends underlines that numerous everyday helpers of this kind have become more colorful over time. Models with a high recognition value on the baggage carousel also help to identify your own accessory more quickly if necessary.

Detail No. 3: High-quality and robust materials

When you think of robust pieces of luggage, you often think of many classic outdoor experiences, such as hiking, backpacking and active holidays. It is often forgotten that it is of course also advantageous in connection with a classic package holiday to be able to rely on durable materials.

Often these are the pieces of luggage that may show one or two signs of wear over time, but are ideal for creating many positive memories of wonderful holidays.

Detail No. 4: Inner pockets for better orientation

A classic travel bag is by no means just a large main compartment. Ultimately, there are also different, smaller inside pockets that can help to find important items, such as the wallet, passport or other items, ideally quickly.

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Of course, individual expectations also determine how much inner life is actually needed. However, one thing is certain: inner pockets that are not only sufficiently large, but can also be closed, can make everyday life on the go much easier.

Detail No. 5: A manageable amount of maintenance

Although travel bags are of course always functional accessories, there is of course nothing to stop these accessories from appearing in the perfect light as much as possible.

Among other things, the high-quality materials already mentioned, but also surfaces that are as smooth as possible, ensure that any dirt can be removed quickly. If you don’t want to damage the material, you should of course always follow the manufacturer’s care instructions to be on the safe side.

Additional tip: Choose travel bags suitable for the occasion

Tourists who go on vacation or city trips several times a year know that it can be difficult to focus exclusively on a single piece of luggage. Accordingly, it is a good idea to acquire a small selection of smaller travel bags and larger suitcases over time in order to ideally always be optimally prepared and to safely stow everything you need within a short time.