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Der Jakobsweg begeistert die Pilger durch seine besondere Landschaft, Bild: bepsy / shutterstock

Tips for your trip on the Camino de Santiago

The Camino de Santiago, one of the most famous pilgrimage routes, attracts countless people from all nations every year. The trail inspires with its impressive landscape, the high level of individuality and, of course, the exciting history all along the line. It is not without reason that more than 446,000 people made pilgrimages on the Way of St. James in 2023, almost 200,000 of them from Spain alone. The path is enjoying increasing popularity, as the sharply increasing number of visitors shows. But it is precisely on this complex journey that adequate preparation is important. For this purpose, we give the right tips and tricks so that this special type of hiking tour can be a real success.

Plan the right route for your project

Did you know that there is no fixed route for the Camino de Santiago? This is shown by the following Spanish quote: “El camino comienza en su casa” (The path starts in your house). This comes from Spaniards as an answer to the question of where the Way of St. James begins. The destination is always identical in the form of the tomb of the Apostle James in Santiago de Compostela, but in the meantime many different routes have emerged. When planning and choosing the route, it depends above all on individual taste. For example, there is the Portuguese Way of St. James along the coast, which can be walked from Porto and guarantees an impressive view of the sea and many sights. The Portuguese coastal route of the Way of St. James is considered a particularly beautiful section, but it is definitely worth a visit. Our tip: Before planning, take your time and calm, compare the different stages and routes to plan a very special trip on the Camino de Santiago.

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Packing effectively for a relaxed pilgrimage

When it comes to pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago, less is more. Because with an efficiently packed backpack, you can travel relaxed and avoid overloading. Make sure you have comfortable shoes, suitable functional underwear and think about weather protection. An extensive supply of clothes is not necessary, as most hostels allow washing directly on site. The medicine cabinet for the hike includes blister plasters, skin and sunscreen. Modern technology does not necessarily have to be included. In most cases, a simple map is sufficient to reliably estimate distances. In case of emergency, however, a smartphone should of course still be at hand. Many hikers consciously use the journey on the Way of St. James to get away from the stress of everyday life.

Preparation and essential accessories for the Camino de Santiago

When preparing, you should also consider the right time to travel. Especially in summer and on holidays, it gets crowded quickly, in the low season the adventure guarantees much more peace. In addition, you should apply for the so-called pilgrim’s passport at an early stage. During the journey, the stamps of the hostels and stages are collected in it, which serve as identification. In addition, the pass allows you to stay overnight in the special, particularly cheap hostels. And at the end of the trip, only with the pilgrim’s passport you will receive the Compostela (certificate) for completing the Camino de Santiago.