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Der Alpsee in den Allgäuer Alpen, Bild: Umomos / shutterstock

Discover the beautiful Allgäu

Hiking, nature, wellness or city tour – whether you are a summer or winter type, everyone will find their suitable holiday experience in the Allgäu. Experience picturesque landscapes, imposing mountain peaks or the legendary fairytale castle Neuschwanstein Castle. The Allgäu Alps, which are up to 2,600 metres high, are very popular with winter sports enthusiasts and in summer with hikers, bikers and climbing enthusiasts.

Beautiful destinations in the Allgäu

The Kneipp spa town of Bad Wörishofen

The Kneipp spa Bad Wörishofen is located on the northern edge of the Allgäu and is one of the most popular holiday regions with its wide range of activity and wellness offers. In addition to an aviation museum and the South German Museum of Photography, there is also the Kneipp Museum in Bad Wörishofen, where the life of Sebastian Kneipp is documented.

Royal Schwangau

Neuschwanstein, Image: VOJTa Herout / shutterstock

The town of Schwangau is of course known for its famous royal castles Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau. The fairytale castle of King Ludwig II is located directly next to Hohenschwangau Castle. However, he did not live to see the completion of his castle himself. The famous structure attracts more than 1 million people every year. Of course, Schwangau has a lot more to offer. Wonderful hiking routes in the surrounding mountains, a boat trip on the Forggensee or a tour to the Tegelberg with the cable car.

The largest city in the Allgäu

Kempten is the largest and oldest town in the Allgäu, it was mentioned in documents as early as 18 AD. Due to its central location, Kempten is an ideal starting point for many sights in the area. Worth seeing are the Basikilika St. Lorenz, the Orangery or the Burghalde, as well as the many interesting museums. Many tourists also like to visit the various events such as the Jazz Spring, the APC Summer or the Allgäu Festival Week.

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The show cave in Obermaiselstein

One of the most visited show caves in Germany is the approx. 460-metre-long Sturmannshöhle near Obermaiselstein. The cave was discovered in 1805. Today, the cave can be explored on a 287-meter-long guided path. However, a thick jacket is appropriate, because the temperature of the cave is a cool 4 degrees Celsius all year round. After visiting the Sturmanns Cave, you can visit the 1,442-metre-high Riedber Pass. It is the highest pass in Germany that can be passed by car.

The magnificent Lake Constance

Lake Constance, Alps
A fantastic backdrop with the Alps in the background, picture:
Carsten Ortlieb / shutterstock

Lake Constance offers great excursion opportunities and is also suitable for a short trip. Whether extended bike tours along the lakeshore, a visit to Constance, the largest city on Lake Constance with its beautiful old town or a trip to the flower island of Mainau – there is really a lot to see on Lake Constance. The flower island of Mainau with its beautifully landscaped beds and an indescribable splendour of flowers is located in the middle of Lake Constance. The exotic butterfly house on the island of Mainau is also definitely worth a visit. On a good 1,000 square meters, about 120 species of butterflies and moths can be viewed here.

Thrills and excitement in the Allgäu

If you are looking for thrills, you will find it in the Skyline Park near Bad Wörishofen, one of the most popular and versatile amusement parks in Bavaria. Numerous rides such as roller coasters, white water slides or carousels are presented here – in total, the park offers more than 60 attractions. A special highlight is the “Skyline Park at Night” event, where numerous live bands and artists perform. The finale is a gigantic fireworks display.

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To the summit by train

The 2,224-metre-high Nebelhorn is located northeast of Oberstdorf and is definitely worth a day trip. If you want to enjoy the view from above, you can board the Nebelhornbahn directly in the centre of Oberstdorf, which takes its visitors to the summit without any effort. A dreamlike landscape and unforgettable views are guaranteed on the Nebelhorn.

Allgäu specialities

In the Allgäu you can relax wonderfully, but also be spoiled with culinary delights. The Allgäu cuisine is tasty and hearty, the numerous specialties consist in many cases of eggs, milk and flour. The most famous dishes include spaetzle, ravioli, dumplings, meatloaf and white sausages. Of course, the sweet mustard or a large measure of wheat beer should not be missing. For dessert, steamed dumplings, apple fritters or the Arme Ritter taste good.

Allgäu customs

In the Allgäu, the cultural heritage is still very well maintained and there are a variety of customs such as the cozy homeland evenings or atmospheric traditional costume festivals.


When the summer in the mountains comes to an end, the farmers celebrate Viehscheid. The cattle that have spent the summer on the alpine pasture then return to the barn at home. The cattle drive is celebrated in the Allgäu like a folk festival with a marquee and live music. While the magnificently dressed animals with their large cowbells leave the alpine pasture, hundreds of guests stand by the wayside to watch the spectacle. The leader animal wears the most beautiful wreath around its neck, which consists of mountain flowers and fir branches.

The Bärbele Treiben and Klausentreiben

In the old custom of the “Bärbele Treiben”, only the women have the say. Women dressed as old “women” parade on the evening of the December 4th through the streets with willow rods to distribute one or the other whip, the children are presented with apples and nuts by them. On the 5. and December 6, you can meet the creepy-looking “Rumpelklausen” hung with furs. Here, too, you can catch a few blows with the rod. The two customs are very old and used to be used to keep evil spirits away.