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Strand auf der Nordseeinsel Juist, Bild: Rosa Koppelmann / www.consciouslifestyleofmine.com

The North Sea – a destination with charm

Extensive beaches, wide landscapes and an air that carries the taste of the sea, this is how the coastal areas of the North Sea present themselves. In particular, the fascinating Wadden Sea, which is influenced by ebb and flow like hardly any other sea, makes up the magic of this region.

The coasts lined with dikes on the mainland and the magnificent beaches of the offshore islands invite you to take varied walks to experience a unique landscape up close. The often rough sea in the area of the North Sea often offers a fascinating sight and is a fantastic backdrop for relaxing hours in harmony with nature. The most beautiful beaches in the North Sea can be found on the islands of the region, for example the East Frisian Islands off Lower Saxony, of which Borkum in particular has a beach to offer that has everything that makes a dream beach. The finest sand and imposing dune landscapes characterise the beaches of the North Sea and ensure that it is a pleasure to spend time on them. But the coasts of the mainland on the North Sea, which are shielded by dikes, also have their charm and offer a paradisiacal landscape that scores with its vastness. In particular, the populated by sheep are a very popular photo motif.

Sylt – a place of longing on the North Sea

Red Cliff
The red cliff on Sylt, Image: Thorsten Schier / shutterstock

Hilly dune landscapes with its own vegetation and breathtaking beaches make the elongated island of Sylt one of the most popular travel destinations on the North Sea. Sylt has a lot to offer and, due to its infrastructure and many child-friendly attractions, is well suited for families to spend a nice holiday on the North Sea. Whether you stroll along the beach promenade in Westerland, the capital of Sylt, or visit the local water park, there is always something going on in this lively North Sea metropolis.

A trip to the municipality of List at the northern tip of Sylt, which is considered the northernmost place in all of Germany , is also exciting. In addition to an idyllic harbour, List also offers the Naturgewalten Sylt adventure centre, where the landscapes of the North Sea are thematised by many exhibits. At List there is also the so-called elbow, which is a peninsula whose tip marks the northernmost point of Germany . The Ellenbogen convinces with its originality and is an area where you immediately succumb to the charm of the North Sea. Another top-class landscape can be found on Sylt between the towns of Wenningstedt and Kampen, where a cliff known as the Red Cliff illustrates the different areas the North Sea offers.

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Sankt Peter-Ording – beaches that are second to none

St. Peter-Ording, North Sea
St. Peter-Ording, Image: Juergen Wackenhut / shutterstock

The municipality of Sankt Peter-Ording, located in the north of Schleswig-Holstein, on the Eiderstedt peninsula, impresses first and foremost with its gigantic beaches, which are very extensive. Of the five beach entrances to the seaside resort, two are even open to cars, so you can park directly on the beach if you want to swim in the refreshing North Sea on site. Due to the ebb and flow of the tide, however, you should find out before visiting the beach whether the water has not receded so far that you have to walk far to swim.

Characteristic of the beaches of Sankt Peter-Ording are the so-called stilt houses, in which you will find, among other things, a gastronomic offer. These buildings, visible from afar, were built on stilts because the stretches of beach where you stand are regularly hit by the tide. Even though the beaches are the main reason to visit Sankt Peter-Ording, the place has a lot more to offer. For example, a modern water park in the centre of the village invites you to spend a relaxing time in it when you spend your holiday in Sankt Peter-Ording. The exhibition about the Wadden Sea, on the other hand, which is housed in the town’s National Park House, offers its visitors interesting insights into an incomparable and unique ecosystem.

Butjadingen – pure North Sea feeling

Oberfeuer Preusseneck, Butjadingen, North Sea
Oberfeuer Preusseneck, Image: juerginho / shutterstock

The Butjadingen peninsula , located on the North Sea coast of Lower Saxony, is a region where you can spend a relaxing North Sea holiday with the whole family. In particular, the North Sea resorts of Tossens, Burhave and Fedderwardersiel are very popular with visitors to the region and also have a lot to offer their guests. Thanks to a 250-kilometre-long network of cycle paths, Butjadingen is a dream destination for all those who like to be active during their holidays and love to explore a beautiful landscape by bike.

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If, on the other hand, you are looking for peace and quiet and want to relax, the North Sea lagoon Butjadingen, located in the village of Burhave, is ideal, as this artificial lake located directly on the sea is fed by the North Sea, but is tide-independent. Due to its nature, the lagoon is also a wonderful bathing paradise for smaller children, which has some highlights in store for families in particular. Things are a little more tranquil in Fedderwardersiel, where a very picturesque fishing port is waiting to be visited by guests. The history of the region is also presented on site, as the lovingly designed Fedderwardersiel National Park House Museum is dedicated to the Wadden Sea as well as Butjadingen’s past. A special art treat can be found on the path between Burhave and Fedderwardersiel, where seven works of art made of different materials and by different artists are exhibited.

Wangerooge – an island as diverse as the North Sea region

Wangerooge, North Sea
Wangerooge, Image: Heide Pinkall / shutterstock

Even the trip to the car-free North Sea island of Wangerooge off the coast of East Frisia is an experience. In addition to an entertaining crossing by boat, you have to travel a certain distance by train on Wangerooge to arrive in the main town of the island. However, this trip is very worthwhile, as you can enjoy wonderful views both from the ship and from the train.

You can get a good overview if you climb the old lighthouse of Wangerooge, which is located near the train station and offers a view over the entire island. Since the lighthouse also houses the island museum, you can spend a varied time at this place in which you can get closer to the island. The beautiful beach of Wangerooge is also very popular, where you can swim very well or take a nice break from everyday life in a beach chair. A very popular activity during a stay on Wangerooge are guided mudflat hikes, during which well-trained mudflat guides present the special features of this unique landscape very vividly. Thanks to interesting nature and beautiful hiking trails, Wangerooge is also a great place to walk and be physically active.