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Entspannen im Angelurlaub, Bild: Southern Wind / shutterstock

The most beautiful destinations for a fishing holiday at home and abroad

Fishing holidays in Europe are booming. Understandable, because fishing can be easily combined with a trip. Beautiful destinations for European fishing areas are a dime a dozen: Whether at one of the many Bavarian lakes with a view of the mountains, during a stay on a houseboat or along the Scandinavian fjord landscapes – each region has its own special charm. Unknown regions in Poland, the Czech Republic, Lithuania or Estonia also offer new, attractive destinations. Relax while fishing and discover beautiful fishing destinations within Europe.

Germany – why go far away when the beauty is so close

One of the northernmost states in Germany, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, offers anglers several advantages. On the one hand, the variety of areas is particularly high and on the other hand, holiday guests can easily obtain the tourist fishing licence, a time-limited fishing permit. Out on the Baltic Sea are deep-sea anglers who want to catch cod and flatfish. Herring lovers spend their holidays in Stralsund and the many Bodden waters are rich in zander and perch.

There are also a variety of fishing areas in the south of Germany. In Upper Bavaria there is a particularly high density of lakes. Here you can enjoy a lake holiday with a view of the mountains. At Lake Chiemsee you can fish for tasty whitefish and Lake Tegernsee is known for its variety of trouts. Some Bavarian rivers, which shimmer crystal clear, are also home to brown and rainbow trout. In addition, Bavaria has the highest carp population in the country. Countless carp ponds promise a good catch! However, you need your own fishing license in Bavaria and permission to fish foreign waters. These can be obtained from the local tourist offices for a fee.

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Deep Sea Fishing in Norway

Fishing holidays in Scandinavia
Fishing holiday in Scandinavia, Image: Anatoliy Eremin / shutterstock

In Norway, fishing has always been part of the good way of life. It has always played an important role. Therefore, the Scandinavian country is also a prime destination for a fishing holiday within Europe. The choice of destinations is huge, as the country has 100,000 kilometres of coastline along which countless holiday accommodations are located. In addition, there are many rivers and lakes. Opt for relaxing days of freshwater fishing or a varied deep-sea tour on the open sea. Book a holiday home by a picturesque fjord and enjoy the unparalleled beauty of Norwegian nature. Pike, perch, trout and many other species feel particularly at home in clear waters.

But even on the high seas, in the cold waters of Norway, there are many a fish such as sea trout, mackerel or cod. Thanks to the high environmental regulations, the country is still blessed with great biodiversity. Violations will be punished dearly. By the way, a fishing holiday in Norway can also be planned excellently with your own motorhome. Travel to different destinations and discover the Norwegian abundance of fish.

Sweden – the most popular travel destination for fishing enthusiasts

Fishing with the family
Fishing holiday with the whole family, Image: A.Bell / shutterstock

In Sweden , biodiversity is particularly high in inland and coastal areas. Word has gotten around over the years, so that Sweden has long since ceased to be an insider tip. Current studies still certify that the country has around 40 different species of coarse and predatory fish. These live in lakes, rivers, canals and the sea and start at A for grayling and end at Z for zander. The abundance of fish makes many an angler’s heart beat faster! A life like that of Astrid Lindgren’s children from Bullerby – but you also have to adhere to certain rules and regulations in Sweden, because many bodies of water in the country are still privately owned. For this reason, you first need a permit to fish. Find out more about the municipalities or fish on the country’s five large lakes, where fishing is allowed around the clock, for every fishing enthusiast. Of course, this also applies to Sweden’s North Sea and Baltic Sea coasts! You do not need a fishing license or a water permit.

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Poland, discover lonely fishing grounds for yourself

Poland has become an insider tip for anglers in recent years . Along the Baltic Sea there are beautiful holiday resorts and great places to cast bait. But there is also a great diversity of species in the interior. In addition, there are the Polish natural and artificial lake areas. In addition, it is even quieter here than in the top fishing nations such as Norway or Sweden. Many regions of the country have not yet been developed by fishing tourism. This promises great prospects for an unparalleled fishing holiday.

Poland has around 500 kilometres of coastline that gives you plenty of great fishing spots along the mainland and on the high seas. Here you will meet a wide variety of fish species such as cod, sea trout, zander and many others. In the country’s freshwater lakes, Poland’s inland waters, on the other hand, you will encounter pike, trout and salmon. Yes, you read that right ” Salmon”. The salmon had been extinct in Poland for many years. He has now settled back in Pomerania. The Polish rivers meander through the Eastern European country for an incredible 26,000 kilometres and, depending on the altitude, offer catfish, pike and trout species.

Our conclusion

A fishing holiday in Europe offers many destinations and a great biodiversity. Whether in well-known fishing regions such as Scandinavia or rather unknown regions in Eastern Europe – you are spoilt for choice and get to know the people, regions and traditions in addition to new areas. If you don’t want to travel that far, stay in Germany. There are also countless destinations close to home that you can travel to with your fishing rod in your luggage.