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Australien zählt zu den beliebtesten englischsprachigen Urlaubszielen, Bild: Janaka Dharmasena / shutterstock

The hottest English-speaking destinations in the world!

Whether backpacking or all-inclusive vacation: the most exciting thing about a vacation is to immerse yourself in both the everyday life and the peculiarities of foreign cultures. But sometimes this is easier said than done, especially when you think about the language barrier that makes many things more difficult – “Lost in translation” is the keyword here.

The fact that there are between 6500 and 7000 different languages in the world

doesn’t exactly improve this problem… But it’s actually quite simple: English lessons are now firmly anchored in school education and accordingly many people in this country are at least familiar with the language to the extent that they can communicate about it to some extent.

How fortunate is it that English is the most widely spoken language in the world – at least if you add native speakers and second language speakers together. Speaking of native speakers, there are more than 50 English-speaking countries in the world beyond the United Kingdom and America.

Language barrier? Piece of cake – English spoken here

Among the many countries where English is spoken, there are of course many exciting destinations. Here you can create an authentic holiday experience with the appropriate language skills. And for all those who don’t (anymore) quite believe in their language skills, there is still the possibility to fall back on one of the many offers that make English lessons conveniently online possible – and thus prepare you perfectly for one of the following destinations.

Great Britain

Of course, the country where the English language originated should not be missing from this list. But that’s not the only reason why a visit to England is recommended.

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In addition to exciting destinations for a city trip such as London, Manchester or Liverpool, the home country of Shakespeare, the Beatles and baked beans offers a lot more. Here, for example, you can learn English in its purest form, British English. From the imposing chalk cliffs of Dover up to the picturesque natural landscapes of Scotland, there is also a lot to discover in terms of landscape.

United States

New York
Image: shutterupeire / shutterstock

Stroll through Central Park or catch a performance on Broadway Live? A vacation in New York is on many people’s bucket lists. But even away from the “Big Apple”, the land of unlimited opportunities shows why it has more than earned its nickname. How about a road trip along the east or west coast or through the interior? A visit to colorful Las Vegas? Or get up close and personal with the natural splendor of the Grand Canyon ?


A safe bet for a trip to Ireland is, of course, the capital Dublin, the birthplace of Oscar Wilde and the famous Guinness beer. If you prefer a road trip to classic city trips, the “Ring of Kerry”, a picturesque panoramic coastal road, is just the thing. Fans of longer hikes, on the other hand, are guaranteed to be happy in one of the country’s six national parks.

For all those who have had English lessons for a while and therefore want to refresh their language skills, a visit to Blarney Castle is almost mandatory – after all, here you will find the Stone of Fluency, which may enable a special form of English tutoring.

New Zealand

Diversity New Zealand
The diversity in New Zealand is limitless, Image: Leelakajonkij / shutterstock

Not only all those who have always dreamed of roaming through the Shire or the steppes of Rohan will get their money’s worth during a visit to New Zealand. Because the scenic beauty of the country, which contributed to the success of the film adaptation of the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, quickly captivates all visitors.

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With spectacular sights such as the Fiordland National Park, one of the most beautiful national parks in the world, Lake Taupo or the Franz Josef Glacier, New Zealand offers all nature lovers what their hearts desire.


Australia is currently known as a popular travel destination to explore an exciting part of the world during “Work and Travel” after school and also to further improve the language skills acquired in English lessons.

But even apart from that, Australia is definitely worth a trip with its lively metropolises such as Sydney or Melbourne, impressive national parks and world-famous sights such as Ayers Rock.


In addition to English, French is also spoken in Canada – making the country perfect for a language trip. A city trip to Montreal, Quebec or Toronto already offers a lot worth seeing. But the real magic of Canada is the beauty of its nature. In addition to famous destinations such as the Rocky Mountains or Niagara Falls, there is so much more to discover in the country’s seemingly endless wilderness – making Canada a great destination for adventurous explorers.

Learning English and discovering the world go hand in hand

The great thing about English being spoken almost all over the world is the combination of discovering new cultures and having unforgettable experiences with the opportunity to improve your language skills. Or to put it another way: if you speak English, the world is open to you!

And if the English lessons at school have been a while ago, you can simply take some English tutoring – if necessary also online, which is no longer a problem these days.