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Die Skyline von San Diego, Bild: f11photo / shutterstock

San Diego – Sun, Beach, Burritos and Tacos

California, relaxed lifestyle, Mexican food and plenty of sun – these are things that tourists associate with a trip to San Diego. And there is a lot more. Probably nowhere in the entire United States of America is the myth that you can make it from rags to riches at any time more alive than in this American metropolis. The film city of Los Angeles is only two hours away by car, and it takes half an hour for the Mexican border to come into view. It’s no wonder that San Diego is a true melting pot of cultures. Because both Latin American migrants and Americans who flock from rural areas to the sun-drenched city to try their luck here know that you can still make it to the top here with hard work.

San Diego and its dream beaches

Downtown San Diego
On the road in San Diego, Image: Johan Erkki / shutterstock

The climate in the Californian city of San Diego is pleasant all year round. The thermometer rarely drops below 20 degrees, even in winter. In addition, the metropolis, which has a population of around 1.4 million, is located directly on the Pacific Ocean. Thus, guests, as well as locals, can swim or surf on the fine sandy beaches of the city all year round. Surfing is one of the most popular leisure activities here. Even if you don’t want to get on a surfboard yourself and throw yourself into the water, you will spend wonderful hours at Pacific Beach, for example.

Because watching the goings-on of the talented surfers is more than exciting. The brave will find surf schools with certified surf instructors and the possibility to rent complete surfing equipment on almost all beaches. Those who want to take it easy head for La Jolla Cove, a picturesque bay where you can lie on the beach away from the crowds. By the way, seals often pass by here, which make a great photo motif. Mission Beach is extremely popular with families with children.

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The infrastructure on this beach is excellent, because right next door is Belmont Park, an amusement park with restaurants, carousels, bumper cars and roller coasters from which you can overlook the beach and the sea during the wild ride. Partygoers feel most at home on Ocean Beach. Here you will find the coolest bars and the best party music. Finally, film fans like to take a trip to the Coronado Island peninsula, which is directly off San Diego in an easterly direction. Here you will find the whitest of all fine sandy beaches in the entire region, around San Diego, and also the opportunity to visit the original film locations of the Marylin Monroe comedy “Some Like It Hot”.

Sightseeing in the Sun City

San Diego's Balboa Park at dusk
San Diego’s Balboa Park at dusk, Image: f11photo / shutterstock

Sightseeing in San Diego is immensely fun, because it is almost always sunny, warm and rarely rainy in the city. The best conditions to set off on foot into San Diego’s Old Town. Here, Mexican and Spanish influences mix with the legacy of the first European settlers of the Americas. In the Old Town San Diego State Historic Park, which is integrated into the old town, you can see traditional buildings from the early 19th century. In no time at all, visitors feel transported back to the time of the Wild West. The park is surrounded by excellent Mexican restaurants, all of which are worth a visit. Here you can find the best burritos and tacos in the whole city.

If you want to learn about America’s military history, visit the USS Midway Museum afterwards. This is a disused aircraft carrier that now serves as a museum. From 1945 to 1992, the aircraft carrier was used by the US Navy and was used both in military conflicts and as part of humanitarian aid expeditions. In the museum you can learn a lot about the life of the US Marines on board and during the missions. If you like it a little more old-fashioned, visit the Maritime Museum of San Diego, which is housed on an old sailing ship. A walk through the Seaport Village rounds off the city walk. There are always numerous street musicians and performers who offer their great art for a small donation from passers-by. All with stunning views of the harbour.

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Art & Culture in San Diego

But that’s not all. San Diego is also a city of art and culture. There are several theaters as well as an opera house for all music lovers. San Diego also has its own Philharmonic Orchestra. The San Diego Museum of Art is housed in a strikingly designed building that is worth the journey alone. The works of important American, European and Asian artists are exhibited here. The museum is home to masterpieces by Claude Monet, Peter Paul Rubens and Salvador Dali. Outstanding American artists include William Merritt Chase and Asher Brown Durand. At the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, many works by contemporary artists can be viewed.

Zoos and parks

San Diego is also particularly rich in zoos and green spaces. The San Diego Zoo Safari Park, which is home to 300 different species of animals from all over the world, is particularly recommended. Right next door is the city’s most extensive green space, Balboa Park. The park measures five square kilometers. Walkers walk through a flora and fauna that is as lush as it is remarkable, as well as various themed gardens. Most of the buildings in the park were built in the neoclassical style. Among them are several museums.