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Viele Strandutensilien lassen sich als Werbegeschenk bedrucken, Bild: Stokkete / shutterstock

Promotional gifts for travelers

After the pandemic-related economic dip, the signs in the travel industry are pointing to a “restart”. All those involved are ready to head for destinations near and far, because the hunger for a relaxed holiday feeling is greater than ever. After all, Germans still regard their holidays as something very special, as “quality time”. No obligations, no stress, just quality. To make the best time of the year a little better, all you really need is a small gift from the travel provider: a give-away, a small gift in the form of a promotional item.

Low costs, high advertising effect

The distributed gifts are multifunctional and have various properties. On the one hand, they are a thank you to the (loyal) clientele, on the other hand, they increase the customer’s identification with the travel company and its offers. Ergo: The bond increases. And so is the level of awareness and advertising. This is because holidaymakers are very likely to carry their gifts into the public space where they will be seen. If the give-away is provided with the logo of the tourism company, an advertising effect automatically occurs. The latter reproduces and draws circles by drawing the attention of other holidaymakers to the in-house products. While the cost factor is low, the scattering effect achieved is high. The result is a so-called win-win situation.

Satisfied customers come back

In most cases, promotional gifts are gladly accepted and also have a surprise effect that should not be underestimated. Especially in summer. During the warm season, unlike Christmas, no one expects personal attention. All the greater is the joy in view of the unexpected gift. This does not have to be big, but rather useful. Ideally, it complements the holiday in the right place, is a practical helper and thus ensures beaming faces. Result: The travel provider is remembered positively and is used again for the next booking. True to the motto: Satisfied customers come back.

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Provide a surprise effect

When it comes to promotional items, it is advisable to avoid mass-produced items. This is the only way to create a long-term effect. Ballpoint pens or key chains are nice, but are distributed on (almost) every corner. Things that are suitable for everyday use and provide an element of surprise are more suitable. This can best be achieved with the help of original and creative promotional items. If the budget has an appropriate framework, higher-quality gadgets are a good choice. These can easily have an unusual or unusual character. The main thing is that the customer uses them in the right place and benefits from the give-away. The following examples meet the requirements of a meaningful gift.

Picnic blanket

Due to its versatility, the picnic blanket is a summer all-rounder. The underlay is used for a visit to the swimming pool with the family as well as for a barbecue party at the lake. The picnic blanket is also a welcome utensil in the garden at home. All the more so when it is offered in different colours.


Probably the most important utensil when it comes to traveling. Whether it’s a family holiday or a business trip. A suitcase with a logo puts a smile on the faces of good customers and employees.

Travel folder

A travel folder can be used all year round and anywhere. It bundles all important travel documents and also creates order. The folder not only houses IDs, cheques, cards and travel documents, but also looks good.

Travel adapter

Anyone traveling abroad often encounters problems when charging electronic devices. To ensure that the battery is quickly recharged, it is advisable to give away a travel adapter including a USB port. It allows multiple devices to be charged at the same time.

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Beach Bag

A beach bag as a promotional item is not only a visual eye-catcher. It is indispensable to safely store everything important for the beach day. From sunscreen to beach reading. It also protects the smartphone from damage caused by the fine sand.

Cooler bag

Summer also has its downsides. It heats drinks to a great extent and thus makes them difficult to drink. A cooler bag counteracts this. The container has all the features of a miniature refrigerator that can be shouldered on a hiking trip.

Toilet bag

Promotional Gift Toiletry Bag
With a toiletry bag you associate the visual and useful added value, Image: Alexander Kuzovkov / shutterstock

Having a toiletry bag printed is a suitable promotional gift, especially for travel agencies. Because it is a particularly useful give-away, travelers are reminded of their company several times a day during the most beautiful days of the year.

Luggage scales

You know the feeling: there with a half-empty suitcase, back with a full suitcase. The gain in weight is usually due to successful holiday shopping. In order to spare customers at the airport unpleasant surprises in terms of additional costs, the luggage is weighed with the help of a luggage scale. Due to its small size, the scale fits in almost any pocket.

Towel/bath towel

This is the classic among the common give-aways. Perhaps because Germans like to provide their beach loungers with a bath towel (for reservation reasons). But a labeled towel can do much more. It is a good base in countless situations, ensures dryness and, if necessary, even works as a garment if it is a pareo.