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Schöner könnte man es nicht malen: Die Seychellen, Bild: proslgn / shutterstock

Discover the Seychelles with island hopping

The Seychelles are a beautiful archipelago west of Africa and north of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. Each of the more than 100 small islands looks like a paradise on earth, with a white and yellow beach, the turquoise sea and lush green vegetation. Three of these islands are the most visited by tourists: La Digue, Mahé and Praslin. In just two weeks, you can marvel at and explore all three with island hopping. So each of the small islands shows its best side and the holiday itself will not be boring if you stop at a new island every few days. This post will take a closer look at the three most famous islands of the Seychelles and suggest an ideal route for island hopping in the Seychelles.

If you want to visit all the Seychelles islands in one holiday , you should take at least two to three weeks to do so. We recommend that you distribute your accommodation to the three main islands and then be driven to the smaller islands on site. This has a special charm when you fall back on the local locals. They will take you safely to the islands with their own boats, organize a barbecue and, if you wish, will also be happy to take you to a diving spot worth seeing.

What do the three main islands have to offer?

The island state of the Seychelles actually consists of 115 islands, all of which have their own program to offer. In total, they are home to around 100,000 people, who enjoy the warm and tropical weather all year round. However, most of the inhabitants and thus also tourist attractions gather on the three main islands.

1. Mahé

Port of Victoria, Seychelles
View of Victoria Harbour, Image: GagliardiPhotography / shutterstock

Mahé is the largest island in the Seychelles and measures 154 km². Together with the capital Victoria and all other small towns and villages, it is home to around 90 percent of all inhabitants of the small island state. If you are planning a trip to the Seychelles, you will head for this island first. The international airport is the only one that is approached from outside. From here the journey is started and ended. In total, six or seven days are worth it for the main island.

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Otherwise, Mahé is a true tourist paradise. The capital Victoria is probably one of the most important destinations on this trip, offers many shopping opportunities and restaurants. In addition, the island has a huge national park, which should be visited by all nature lovers. The tropical forests of the archipelago are almost unique and give a completely different view of the dream islands. Of course, there are also plenty of beaches, but here the smaller islands are more worthwhile for a relaxing day at the beach.

2. Praslin

Praslin, Anse Lazio
The wonderful beach Anse Lazio on Praslin, Image: Micha Rosenwirth / shutterstock

Praslin measures 38 km² and can be reached either by propeller plane or by boat. Both start several times a day and will take you from one island to the next. Praslin has some of the most beautiful beaches in the Seychelles, including Anse Lazio, Cote D’Or Beach or Grand Anse. Here you can spend two days relaxing on the beach. Since the island itself is not very large, you will be able to get from one side to the other quickly.

On the other hand, Praslin also has its own Vallée de Mai National Park, which is definitely worth a look. Here you can find the famous Seychelles palm tree. You will also learn more about the history of the island from local tour guides. To the south there is Cousin Island, a nature reserve for many animal species. From large turtles to rare lizards to beautiful birds, everything is here.

3. La Digue

From the east coast of Praslin, the third island in the group can probably already be seen. La Digue is the smallest of the three main islands with only 10 km² and is a car-free zone thanks to its size. Here you will only get around by bike or on foot. Bikes can be rented anywhere and for a small fee.

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La Digue also has beautiful beaches to offer. These include the Grand and Petite Anse as well as the Anse Source d’Argent. Giant tortoises can also be observed there in the wild. The rounded granite stone formations are also particularly beautiful to look at here. To the north is the small island of Félicité, which can be reached in just 20 minutes by speedboat. A little insider tip for even more untouched nature and tall palm trees, from which coconuts used to be harvested.

Which other islands are still worthwhile?

Silhouette, Seychelles
The beautiful island silhouette in the Seychelles, Image: Serge Vero / shutterstock

For the three main islands, you should plan one and a half to two weeks before the trip in order to be able to enjoy your holiday to the fullest. In addition, there are many other small islands around La Digue, Mahé and Praslin alone that are worth a visit. From Mahé, for example, Cerf Island and the Saint-Anne Marine National Park can be reached by lagoon taxi. Both are a completely different experience than the main island. And no matter which beach you are on in the Seychelles, snorkeling is an absolute recommendation. The two smaller islands off the coast of Victoria are ideal for this and surprise a variety of colorful fish, such as the parrotfish or the semi-circular angelfish.

But a trip to Silhouette, an island northwest of Mahé, is also worthwhile. With 20 km², it is the third largest island in the Seychelles and is still relatively little developed. Together with the North Island, it does not consist of granite, like the other islands, but of volcanic syenite, which seems to be much younger. Only about 150 inhabitants live on Silhouette itself. However, the island is perfect for a day trip into untouched nature. The local tour guides are always ready to walk around the island.


The Seychelles should be seen as a complete destination. If you only stay on one island, you will not experience everything that the small island state has to offer. Most of the other islands can be reached by speedboat or propeller plane within a very short time. Each one is unique and has other great beaches or natural spectacles to offer.