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Die Hulme Arch Bridge, Bild: SAKhanPhotography / shutterstock

Manchester: Working-class city with a lot of heart

For most tourists, the classic city trip to England leads to London or Edinburgh in Scotland. Two cities that are undoubtedly worth a trip and have their charm. But the cities in the northwest of England are still considered undiscovered by many tourists. Cities like Manchester have a lot of heart and soul that are worth getting to know.

Beetham Tower, Manchester
View of the Beetham Tower, Image: SAKhanPhotography / shutterstock

Grey, dark and a lot of industry: the historical image of Manchester has little glamour to offer and suffered from the same impression as the British capital London. As a textile centre in the 18th century, the city was considered an important hub for the British economy, in which Manchester played an important role in the Industrial Revolution. Due to the numerous canals that flow through the city, the city was perfect for cotton mills. The water power, which was thus naturally available, was a valuable advantage for the workers and production. However, the boom also brought disadvantages.

The increasing population caused overpopulation, which led to unemployment. Today, however, Manchester has developed into a modern, open and diverse city that is highly recommended for a weekend getaway.

Getting to Manchester

Many providers fly to Manchester from German airports. Whether Munich, Hamburg or Berlin: Almost every major German city offers the possibility to fly to Manchester. The relatively short non-stop flight time of three to four hours makes it easy to get there for spontaneous city trips from mainland Europe . Due to the convenient connection between the airport and the centre, the journey takes 40 minutes by train and can be enjoyed in a relaxed manner without changing trains.

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Most tourists will get off at Manchester Piccadilly. Anyone who thinks of the London namesake here will be disappointed. The Manchester Piccadilly is the main train station and has nothing to do with the imposing neon signs in the City of London . In this area you can find many cheap hotels that offer good rooms for little money. Furthermore, it only takes 10 minutes on foot to reach the city center. There is hardly a better starting point for weekend travelers!

What should visitors discover in Manchester?

No question: When you think of Manchester, you will inevitably think of Manchester United’s “Red Devils”. Real fans will try to experience one of the coveted home games live. If there is no one during the travel season, it is still recommended to visit the stadium on a tour. Old Trafford is located just outside behind Quayside MediaCity in the Trafford district of the same name. It’s worth taking the journey – even for non-fans! If there is not enough time, you should at least try to watch one of the games among fans in a pub (be careful when choosing!). The atmosphere is legendary and can be heated up when betting on the right sports betting tips . Currently, the betting odds for ManU in the British Premier League are 101.00 (as of 15.3.). Arch-enemy Manchester City, on the other hand, leads the possible victory table with 1.01. In the event of a fierce derby, ignorant tourists should rather beware.

Old Trafford, Manchester
Old Trafford, Manchester United’s home ground, Image: berm_teerawat / shutterstock

Apart from the passion for football, the city has even more to offer. A stroll through Chinatown lets you immerse yourself in another world for a short moment. It is considered the second largest quarter of its kind within the UK and the third largest in Europe. At the imposing entrance gate, which cannot be overlooked, a souvenir photo should definitely be taken. In the Chetham’s Library, on the other hand, a touch of philosophy, history and Harry Potter wafts through the corridors. The wonderful building, founded in 1635, is one of the oldest public libraries in England. Even Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx sat in the venerable rooms and put their thoughts on paper.

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Adventure and good humor

Fountain in Piccadilly Garden in Manchester city centre
Fountain in Piccadilly Garden in Manchester city centre, Image: SAKhanPhotography / shutterstock

More action can be experienced in the live experience “The Crystal Maze”. Visitors need devilish challenges and a lot of strength when they go in search of the crystals. Based on the TV show of the same name from the 1990s, fans are transported to the real setting and have to solve various puzzles in different eras. Whether as a motley group or with friends: This adventure is a real highlight!

To end the day full of impressions, a walk along Canal Street is the right choice. In the lively pubs and bars, which are mainly run by the LGBTQ community, it is clear that Manchester continues to impress with good humour, quirky characters and dazzling charm even after sunset. At the regular karaoke evenings, strangers very quickly become friends that you take to your heart. Cosmopolitan and a bit rough: This is where Europe shows its warm, down-to-earth side to visitors.