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Mit der Familie am Wochenende wandern gehen, Bild: Ground Picture / shutterstock

Leisure ideas for the weekend

Not every weekend is suitable for a trip to faraway places. You can also stay at home and still experience exciting things in your free time. We’ll tell you what they can be.

Five tips for your weekend activities

The weekend is there to recharge your batteries and recover from the stressful everyday life. Instead of spending every Saturday and Sunday on the sofa, you can fill this time with great experiences and maybe even discover a new hobby. We give you five tips for exciting activities on the weekend.

Tip 1: Get on the saddle and start riding

Having a bike at home will allow you to get to know your area better on a beautiful spring or early summer day at the weekend. Choose an attractive route that suits your fitness level and set different stops. On the way, you can stop at a good restaurant, take the children to the adventure playground or visit a medieval castle. This makes the bike tour a real experience!

Tip 2: Wine hike with friends and family

Wine is also grown in Germany . There are many winegrowers in the respective regions, whose delicious wines you can taste as part of a wine hike. The paths between the wine tastings are covered on foot. If you want to combine sporting activity with enjoyment, this leisure activity is just right for you. Wine hikes are possible in these regions, for example:

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Tip 3: Learn a new language

Are you inquisitive and keen to travel? Then simply use your free time to master a new language. Of course, this involves work, but at the same time it’s a lot of fun. In a language course at the adult education centre, you will meet like-minded people and can even make new friends. Of course, you can also acquire new language skills via an online course or with the help of modern language learning apps. Next summer, you will reward yourself with a holiday to the country of the respective foreign language. There you can use your new skills directly. At the weekend, however, you can also put your language skills to the test. For example, if you’re learning Spanish, it’s best to go to a Spanish restaurant and talk to the waiters there.

Tip 4: Take part in a cooking class

Eating is much more than just food intake. It is a sensual and enjoyable experience, so even a visit to a restaurant is a great leisure activity. But if you don’t just want to eat, but also cook, it’s best to take part in a cooking class. You can get to know specialties from different countries, so the cooking class on the weekend is like a little journey into the distance. For example, learn how sushi is prepared or discover the secrets behind an aromatic Thai curry. Cooking is particularly fun in a group. Because then you can also exchange ideas with others.

Tip 5: Indoor mini golf for rainy weekends

If the weather doesn’t cooperate, you still don’t have to stay at home on the weekend. You can also play mini golf indoors in many cities. This can even be particularly appealing, as the indoor facilities are often made to glow with the help of black light . The following activities are also suitable for rainy days:

  • Karting
  • Bowling
  • Go to the spa
  • Visit the salt cave
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All tips at a glance
1. Swing on the saddle and start riding
2. Wine hike with friends and family
3. Learn a new language
4. Take a cooking class
5. Indoor mini golf for rainy weekends