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Packing properly for a wellness holiday

A wellness holiday is an excellent way to recharge your batteries and treat yourself to a bit of relaxation and luxury. In order for the time-out to be a success, however, the suitcase should also be packed accordingly.

What belongs in the luggage

On a wellness holiday, completely different things are needed than on a sightseeing trip in a major European city. Comfortable clothing, suitable swimwear, cosmetics and care products as well as a small first-aid kit are particularly important. We reveal what absolutely belongs in the suitcase and also provide a checklist for download. Depending on whether the wellness holiday takes place in winter or summer and what offer is available in the respective hotel, the packing list can of course vary.

1. Comfortable clothing for a relaxing holiday

A wellness holiday is about escaping the stressful everyday life, coming down and letting your mind wander. It starts with the clothes. For leisurely afternoons of reading, relaxing walks in the fresh air or other activities, it is essential to pack comfortable clothing. For example, the following items of clothing are indispensable:

  • Comfortable casual pants
  • Sweatpants
  • Sweatshirt
  • T-shirt
  • Sports bra
  • Sneaker
  • Slippers
  • Cozy pajamas

To go out to eat in the evening or visit a theatre, an elegant outfit and a pair of chic shoes should not be missing, even on a wellness holiday.

2. Swimwear for the spa day

In a good wellness hotel, there is usually always a possibility to swim or at least to relax in the water. For the whirlpool, for the pub or for the hot spring, the right swimwear is needed. Swimsuit, bikini or tankini are therefore an important item on the packing list. Since there is also stylish swimwear for plus sizes , curvy women can also feel comfortable on a wellness holiday. In addition, a large sauna towel should be packed. It may also be useful to wear your own slippers. Flip-flops or mules made of a water-repellent material are reliable companions in any wellness area or swimming pool. They ensure a safe step on damp surfaces and have a preventive effect against athlete’s foot. Holidaymakers who want to wrap themselves in a cosy terry cloth coat after bathing should also pack it.

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3. Cosmetics and care products for pampering

Even though there are probably numerous products on site that can be used to care for skin and hair, holidaymakers absolutely need their own cosmetics. A sun protection cream tailored to the skin type, for example, enables relaxed sunbathing. A nourishing sun protection lotion should then be applied. Normal day and night care is also taken with you on holiday. If you have time, you can treat your skin to intensive care masks in between or pamper your hair with a treatment. For everyday care, wellness holidaymakers also take a toothbrush, nail scissors and a washcloth with them.

4. Small relaxation package

Here are a few more things that are suitable for relaxing activities of various kinds. These can vary depending on your preferences and hobbies. For bookworms, for example, reading glasses and a good book are a good idea. If you prefer to listen to music, you definitely need headphones. Earplugs ensure a peaceful and restful sleep even when the roommates are a little louder. A sleep mask can also improve your night’s sleep. If it is too bright in the hotel room for some reason, it ensures pleasant darkness. Sleep masks and earplugs do not only work well on holiday itself, but also on the way there. Because on the train or on the plane, they already make sleeping much easier.

5. Don’t forget your first-aid kit

To be prepared for small colds or injuries, a small first-aid kit should also be in your luggage. Painkillers, plasters, disinfectant spray and a wound cream form a good basis. In addition, of course, all medications that are taken regularly must be taken with you. If the wellness holiday is to take place in exotic countries, the first-aid kit must be increased accordingly and replaced by malaria medication, for example.

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>> Download the packing list for the perfect wellness holiday here