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Einfach traumhaft, Patagonien, Bild: cge2010 / shutterstock

Chile – icy eternity and a free space for dreamers

Chile, with its twelve regions and the mystical Easter Island, 3,500 kilometers away in the Pacific, invites you to a careful discovery. Anyone who sees and feels the soul of the landscape is moved by its majesty. The mighty Andes form the natural border with Argentina and Bolivia and shape the country along its entire length.

Patagonia: The Cradle of the Winds

Chile, Rapa Nui, Easter Island
Rapa Nui, Easter Island, Image: Amy Nichole Harris / shutterstock

Patagonia, a region full of natural beauty, is reminiscent of a living painting. In Torres del Paine National Park, visitors experience a world that seems to be untouched and in its original state. The peaks of Torres del Paine, formed around twelve million years ago, offer a challenge for experienced mountaineers and fascinate with their icy majesty.

From North to South: A Journey through Climate Zones

Chile presents an impressive variety of climate zones. The north has a dry desert climate, ideal for travel from April to October. In central Chile, around Santiago and Valparaíso, travelers enjoy a pleasant Mediterranean climate with the best time to travel from November to March. The cool and humid south, including Patagonia, is best traveled between December and February.

Chilean Culture: A Feast for the Senses

View of the capital Santiago de Chile
View of the capital Santiago de Chile, Image: Pakawat Thongcharoen / shutterstock

Chile is also a country of culture. The cuisine, music and festivals reflect the rich cultural diversity. Pablo Neruda, the Chilean Nobel Prize winner, described the scenic diversity of his homeland as an “incomparably great achievement of creation”.

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Activities for adventurers

Chile offers a wide range of activities – from trekking and wine tasting to kayaking. Mountaineers will find challenges on peaks such as Ojos del Salado and snow-capped Parinacota in Lauca National Park.

Relaxation and comfort after the adventure

After an eventful day, Chile’s first-class hotels and cozy lodges offer relaxation by the fireplace and fine wines at the bar. In this paradise for dreamers, the journey of longing ends somewhere in Chile.

Weather in Chile

Due to its geographical structure, the climate in Chile cannot be generalized. Therefore, the following climate table is divided into different regions of Chile:

Month North (Atacama Desert) Central Chile (Santiago, Valparaíso) South (Patagonia) Easter Island
January Very dry, 20-30°C Warm, 20-35°C Mild, 10-15°C Warm, 20-28°C
February Very dry, 20-30°C Warm, 20-35°C Mild, 10-15°C Warm, 20-28°C
March Dry, 15-25°C Mild, 15-30°C Cool, 5-10°C Mild, 18-26°C
April Dry, 12-22°C Mild, 10-25°C Cool, 2-7°C Mild, 16-24°C
May Mild, 10-20°C Cool, 8-20°C Cold, 0-5°C Cool, 14-22°C
June Mild, 8-18°C Cold, 5-15°C Very cold, -5 to 2°C Cool, 14-20°C
July Mild, 8-18°C Cold, 5-15°C Very cold, -5 to 2°C Cool, 14-20°C
August Mild, 10-20°C Cold, 5-15°C Very cold, -5 to 2°C Cool, 14-20°C
September Mild, 12-22°C Mild, 8-18°C Cold, 0-5°C Mild, 15-22°C
October Dry, 15-25°C Mild, 10-25°C Cool, 5-10°C Mild, 16-24°C
November Very dry, 20-30°C Warm, 15-30°C Mild, 8-13°C Warm, 18-26°C
December Very dry, 20-30°C Warm, 20-35°C Mild, 10-15°C Warm, 20-28°C

Travel information Chile

Capital Santiago de Chile
Form of government Republic
Presidential democracy
Currency Chilean Peso (CLP)
Area approx. 756,102 km²
Population approx. 18,006,400 (2015 est.)
Languages Spanish
Electricity grid 220 volts, 50 Hz
Area code +56
Time zone UTC−4 Chile continental
UTC−3 Magallanes and Antarctica
UTC−6 Easter Island and Salas y Gómez
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