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Urlaub in Deutschland, Bild: Andrew Mayovskyy / shutterstock

How Germans spend their holidays

The holidays are the most beautiful time of the year. Many people plan it right at the beginning of the year. And where do Germans prefer to spend their holidays? The answer is simple: Germany! Most of them go to the North Sea or Baltic Sea, the Alps or the foothills of the Alps with their many lakes. But despite all the charms of their country, a large proportion of Germans travel to distant countries. After all, Germany is the country with the second highest number of overseas trips after China.

Sun, sea and sand

Most people just want to relax and spend their holidays with comfort, sun and good food. It is not surprising that the beach holiday with hotel accommodation is the most popular form of holiday for Germans. The most common overseas destination is the Mediterranean Sea. Spain (and the island of Mallorca in particular) has been the leader in hotel accommodation for many years, while Italy is in second place. Greece, Croatia and Morocco were also very popular this summer. And family and sports lovers prefer neighboring Austria. It is traditionally popular with Germans for its wonderful hiking trails, ski resorts, alpine meadows, baroque architecture and rich history.

Germans also prefer beach holidays in Turkey, with the region around Antalya being an absolute favourite. For those who don’t like the heat, Scandinavia is the best choice. Germans travel there for nature, they are attracted to the forests and waters, and wildlife tourism is very common in this country. For many Germans, this is the ideal format for a summer holiday with a tent in Sweden, Norway, Finland or Denmark.

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Since employees in Germany have more vacation days than in other countries (generally 26 to 30 days), many travel twice a year. Many prefer to spend a short vacation in a big city. In Germany, these are Berlin, Hamburg and Munich, and in Europe as a whole, the cultural capitals of London, Rome, Vienna, Paris and Prague.

An interesting type of holiday is casino tourism. Many Germans go to casinos in Montenegro, Spain or Austria. If you can’t afford to travel to another country to play there, you can also try your luck online – preferably in one of the online casinos on https://casinohex.at. When you make a first deposit, you have the opportunity to start playing for real money right away. An interesting way to relax on holiday.

Cruises in vogue

Cruises are very popular with Germans. More and more young Germans are opting for a trip on a floating hotel, with all the amenities and an extensive entertainment and excursion program in the port cities. According to statistics from the German Tourism Association, four million Germans will have taken a cruise in 2022. And every year, more and more places are booked on cruise ships.

While people from all over the world like to see other countries, the USA is the most popular destination for Germans. Canada is in second place. And in Southeast Asia, the most popular destination for German holidaymakers is Thailand.

Snow or sun?

Neuschwanstein, Image: VOJTa Herout / shutterstock

German holidaymakers are divided into two groups when it comes to winter holidays. On the one hand, it is the winter sports enthusiasts who like to ski in Austria. The other group, on the other hand, seeks the warmth of the sun and travels to the Canary Islands. Bavaria and its Alpine regions are very popular in winter. Hikes and lakes, skiing and wellness hotels are ideal for the Germans. A tourist bonus of this state is the famous Neuschwanstein Castle, which tops the list of the most visited attractions in Germany year after year.

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The Germans have also returned to Baden-Württemberg, which has been forgotten by tourism – last year the region experienced a tourism boom for the first time in many years. Baden-Württemberg’s most important tourist magnet is the Black Forest with its forests, picturesque villages and carefully preserved traditions.

Interesting facts instead of conclusions

  • 75 percent of Germans travel to another country at least once a year;
  • The average duration of a trip is 13 days;
  • Employees have 26 to 30 days of vacation per year;
  • Sixty-two percent prefer to go on vacation, 25 percent opt for active recreation;
  • One third of all German holidaymakers spend their holidays in Germany;
  • The most popular European destinations are Spain, Italy and Austria;
  • The most popular foreign destination: the USA;
  • Germans like to go on cruises;
  • Transportation: car – 47%, plane – 39%.