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La Digue, Bild: Reisemagazin Online

La Digue – the little pearl of the Seychelles

Romantic bays, turquoise sea and dreamlike white sandy beaches lined with picturesque granite rocks inspire visitors to the island of La Digue. As the smallest of the three inhabited main islands of the Seychelles , the island attracts not only with its beaches, but especially with its charming underwater world and its enchanting flora and fauna. A stay on La Digue promises pure relaxation in a uniquely beautiful setting.

Holidays for the soul

Image: Reisemagazin Online

If you choose La Digue as your holiday destination, you can escape from everyday life. The small island paradise is a very quiet and tranquil destination. There are almost no cars on the entire island, only a few taxis and vans are in use on the Seychelles island. The most popular means of transport on La Digue is the bicycle and almost every destination on the island can be easily reached on foot within an hour.

While tourists use bicycles to explore the island, locals also travel by bike. Transports are traditionally carried out by ox cart and so it is not surprising that a holiday on La Digue is ideal to slow down. The islanders are leading the way, because they love their small island and appreciate the beauty of nature. So it is not surprising that there is no city on La Digue, but the inhabitants have managed to maintain their traditional lifestyle despite increasing tourist interests, which benefits nature.

An island without building sins

Image: Reisemagazin Online

Even though tourism has discovered La Digue for itself, the manageable island paradise has remained true to itself. You will look in vain for large hotel complexes on La Digue. Rather, there are small hotels, well-arranged bungalow complexes, small resorts and guesthouses on the island. Accordingly, the accommodations on the island are rather quiet and familiar. There is therefore no problem with the choice of accommodation, because all the accommodations on the island are embedded in the dreamlike nature, so that the exotic gardens merge directly into the tropical flora of the island. Most of the accommodations are located on the west coast of the island. This is also where the most beautiful beaches are located, which enchant with pristine white sand and are bordered by palm trees and granite rocks. The most famous beach is La Réunion, which is located near the only larger town that bears the same name as the beach. Here you will also find some shops, restaurants, banks and takeaways.

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La Digue for adventurers

La Digue Seychelles
Fantastic beaches on La Digue – gefun /Pixabay

Away from the west coast, there are only a few accommodations and yet it is a good alternative, especially for adventurous tourists on a tight budget. Especially accommodations away from the coast are very cheap and are surrounded by dense jungle. Interesting animal species can be discovered here, because there are some endemic animal species on the beautiful island.

The original island is blessed with a rich fauna and rare bird species can be observed here, but encounters with pond turtles are also not uncommon here. Visitors to La Digue should plan a lot of time for walks and hikes, because there is also a lot to discover and, above all, the tranquility of nature invites you to simply unwind. In addition, the tour to Anse Maron is also tempting, but it is only possible with a guide and quite exhausting, because here the granite rocks have to be overcome, and the tour also leads through the jungle and the sea, but it is definitely recommended, as the really original side of the island and island life is revealed here.

A paradise for divers

All over La Digue there are wonderful beaches and beautiful bays, but if you don’t just want to relax on the beach, you would do well to immerse yourself in the underwater world of the Seychelles island. The entire granite rock island is surrounded by beautiful coral reefs. So every single dive is worthwhile, because unique encounters with the numerous sea creatures beckon. La Digue is known for its particularly diverse and colorful underwater world and so divers from all over the world are drawn to the small Seychelles island. Diving equipment can be rented on the island, so it is not mandatory to arrive with equipment. A nice alternative can also be a boat tour, which many hosts offer. They often know the most beautiful diving sites in the archipelago and so excursions are well worth it.

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L’Union Estate & Anse Source d’Argent

The Source d’Argent is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Surrounded by the fauna of the jungle and wonderfully bizarre granite rock formations, this beach is unique. To get to it, visitors to the island must cross the L’Union Estate park. This costs admission, but you can also visit a copra mill and a plantation where vanilla is grown. There is also a small art gallery on the grounds, which is well worth seeing. The crowning glory, however, is a visit to the beach, where encounters with the giant tortoises are also possible. The park itself is considered one of the most important sights of the archipelago and anyone who walks along the paths under the coconut palms immediately knows why this piece of land is so special.