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Der Ostseefjord Schlei in Schleswig-Holstein, Bild: Gabriele Rohde / shutterstock

Holidays with your dog – 5 dog-friendly regions in Germany

A family holiday with a dog is not so easy to organise in Germany. Dogs are not allowed in almost all hotels. And on many campsites or in many holiday homes, dogs are unfortunately not always welcome either.

Reason enough for us to present 5 dog-friendly regions in Germany .

  1. The Baltic Sea Fjord Schlei in Schleswig-Holstein

A popular holiday region in Schleswig-Holstein is the Baltic Sea fjord Schlei. With its many idyllic Schlei villages, the region offers everything you need for a relaxing holiday: many opportunities for cycling, walking and swimming. But also tourist attractions are not far away from here, so it is only a stone’s throw to visit the cities of Schleswig, Eckernförde or Kappeln, or to drive to the nearby Baltic Sea .

In many holiday homes on the Schlei, dogs are allowed, no, even expressly desired.


  1. Sankt Peter-Ording in Schleswig-Holstein

Beach chair St. Peter Ording
Beach chair in St. Peter Ording, Image: Jenny Sturm / shutterstock

Wadden hiking is not only for children and adults, dogs also have (animal) fun with it. And if you are afraid of water, you can hike along the magnificent dikes of the North Sea and enjoy a delicious crab sandwich at the snack bar of your choice.

In addition to holiday homes, campsites are particularly popular in St. Peter-Ording.


  1. Baltic Sea in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

They still exist, the hotels that allow dogs. One of them, for example, is “The Grand” in the Baltic Sea resort of Ahrenshoop in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. In addition to normal guest rooms, the (luxury) hotel also offers special rooms for dogs and their owners. Also in Ahrenshoop is the “Strandhaus Ahrenshoop”, where dogs are also allowed.

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It is not easy to find hotels that allow dogs, but they can still be found in tourist hotspots.


  1. The Black Forest

Long walks in the deep forests of the Black Forest. And if you’re lucky, you’ll catch a few glimpses of marmots. The Black Forest offers an incredible flora and fauna that people and animals enjoy. It is not for nothing that the Black Forest attracts over 22 million visitors every year!

In addition to holiday homes and selected hotels, you will find great campsites here that also accept dogs as guests. But important: although there is no leash requirement in the Black Forest (except in the nature reserves), dogs should always stay closer and closer and not run freely into the depths of the forests.


  1. Camping in the Harz Mountains

If you like it a little more relaxed, we recommend camping in the Harz Mountains. Similar to the Black Forest – only not quite as big and famous – it attracts thousands and thousands of tourists every year. In the meantime, there are several providers who rent out “tent camps”. This saves you the expensive one-time purchase if you just want to try it out first.

Especially for families with children, this is an extraordinary adventure and a great idea, e.g. for just one weekend at first!