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Mit dem Hund reisen, z.B. nach Norwegen, Bild: dezy / shutterstock

The 6 most dog-friendly holiday destinations worldwide

Of course, dog lovers always want to have their darlings on paws with them on holiday.

Most holiday countries have now adapted to travellers with dogs. Nevertheless, there are a few countries where dogs enjoy a lot of freedom or have more fun than elsewhere and that’s exactly what we’re introducing to you now.

6 most beautiful holiday destinations with dogs worldwide

1. Austria

Hardly any other country in Europe has adapted to holidaymakers with dogs as much as the Alpine republic. Austria not only attracts with idyllic guesthouses, chic hotels or cosy holiday apartments where dogs are welcome.

Austria is simply a dream country if you want to walk or hike your dog extensively .

In Austria’s mountain railways , dogs usually travel free of charge, but you must always have a muzzle with you.

2. Italy

“La dolce vita” not only pleases us two-legged friends, but also the dogs. Italy is a dog country and the times when scatterers roamed the country in a neglected state are over, at least in central and northern Italy.

The muzzle requirement also only exists on paper (nevertheless, as a foreigner you should better have a folding muzzle in your pocket) and nowhere else do so many dogs run on a leash or peacefully along the promenade as in Italy.

Animals are usually welcome in restaurants. In front of most of them there is a dog bowl with water and sometimes even a food bar.

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3. Thailand

Enjoy the day at the beach together with your four-legged friend, Image: PIC by Femke / shutterstock

Thailand has the easiest entry conditions for people with dogs from the EU that you can imagine.

Apart from a pet passport, a chip, a rabies vaccination and a health certificate from the German official veterinarian, you don’t need anything.

In order to protect your favorite four-legged friend well, it can make sense to take out dog health insurance in advance. Some providers also guarantee foreign protection.

In the country itself, animals of all kinds are held in honor, as the Thais are all Buddhists . Only black dogs are sometimes viewed critically, as some Thais are then afraid of dark spirits.

The best time to travel to Thailand is between November and February, because the rest of the year is part of the rainy season in Thailand.

4. Croatia

The people in Croatia are simply still original, warm, relaxed and very fond of animals. Active dogs and quiet dog breeds feel equally at home here.

In addition, there are endless coasts, deep blue or turquoise water and great cities.

Whether hotel vacation or camping, in this country you will surely get your money’s worth with your dog and enough relaxation.

Unlike other Mediterranean countries, dogs are welcome on most beaches.

In some places, you can even rent a lounger for your dog on the beach.

5. Canada

Another perfect long-distance destination for people with dogs is Canada. Canada is a very safe destination and entry is very easy: all you need is the EU pet passport, a microchip and the mandatory certificate of a current rabies vaccination.

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Then incredible landscapes and the perhaps dog-friendly people of this earth await you in this fantastic country. In particular, cuddly, very large, rare or cute terrier breeds are admired, petted and pampered everywhere.

What more could you want? Kayaking with your dog in untouched nature! City breaks in Vancouver, Quebec or Ottawa! Trekking through nature and seeing only beauty and wild animals for days!

If this sounds tempting to you, you should check airlines right away, transport the dogs and think carefully about whether your dog can take the flight.

By the way, many airlines allow small and medium-sized dogs to fly in a box in the passenger compartment.

6. Norway

To get to this natural paradise, you don’t have to go through flies or complicated procedures. Since Norway is tapeworm-free and wants to stay that way, all you need is proof of current tapeworm treatment and a pet passport.

The journey is easily possible by boat from northern Germany, Denmark or Sweden.

After a few hours of leisurely driving, cozy cities like Oslo and Bergen, endless expanses, great (but even in summer cool!) Beaches and of course the fascinating fjord landscapes.


Europe and the whole world offer beautiful and worthwhile holiday destinations with dogs. No four-legged friend really wants to stay in his dog cave !