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Kieler Stadtzentrum mit Rathaus und Opernhaus Bild: Wolfgang Jargstorff / shutterstock

Holidays in Schleswig-Holstein – Land between the seas

The varied state of Schleswig-Holstein in the far north of Germany is characterized by a rough charm and offers many fascinating landscapes. Since Schleswig-Holstein borders the North Sea in the west and is flanked by the Baltic Sea in the east, it is not surprising that this beautiful piece of land is significantly shaped by the sea. The very maritime character of the region is omnipresent and gives Schleswig-Holstein a relaxed atmosphere in which many holidaymakers feel very comfortable. Schleswig-Holstein is not only appreciated by many visitors because of its flair, but also convinces above all with spectacular natural monuments.

The North Sea – Vastness that inspires

The west of Schleswig-Holstein impresses with a certain originality and is dominated by the Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea National Park, which covers the entire North Sea coast of the region. The unique landscape of the Wadden Sea can be explored at various locations in the area, as part of mudflat tours, and offers an exciting insight into an incomparable habitat.

The rather sparsely populated regions of Dithmarschen and North Frisia, which lie on the shores of the North Sea , are characterized by a harsh beauty and offer many appealing places where you can relax thanks to the healthy maritime climate. In Dithmarschen, the communities of Friedrichskoog and Büsum are particularly popular, as you can relax very well there. Due to its imposing dikes, on which many sheep graze, Büsum in particular is typical of the region and invites you to try the famous Büsum crabs that are landed there.

Further north on the Eiderstedt peninsula is St. Peter-Ording, the most popular seaside resort in Schleswig-Holstein, which is very attractive due to its extensive beaches that can be accessed by car. Also very popular are the North Frisian islands, Amrum, Föhr and Sylt, of which the latter in particular is a place of longing on the North Sea for many due to its fantastic beaches and a unique dune landscape, which combines everything that makes this region special.

The Baltic Sea – gentle landscapes and a relaxed atmosphere

Lighthouse Sylt, Schleswig Holstein
Sunrise on Sylt, Image: Jenny Sturm / shutterstock

The catchment area of the Baltic Sea is more diverse in landscape than the west of Schleswig-Holstein and is characterized by hilly areas such as the Hüttener Mountains in the north and Holstein Switzerland in the south. Fine sandy beaches and imposing cliffs are characteristic of the many spacious bays of the region and make the Baltic Sea coast of Schleswig-Holstein a sought-after holiday destination. The Angeln region in the area of the northern Baltic Sea coast of Schleswig-Holstein is an area to unwind due to its beautiful nature and offers unique landscapes. For example, the Schlei, a 42-kilometre-long inlet, is very attractive, on the shores of which it is very picturesque and you can find a lot of peace and relaxation. Many inviting seaside resorts along the entire Baltic Sea coast of Schleswig-Holstein offer their visitors not only beautiful beaches and a good infrastructure, but above all an atmosphere in which holidays are fun.

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A very family-friendly place is the idyllic Eckenförde just south of the Schlei, where families in particular will have a lot of fun thanks to a wide range of offers.
Further south on the Bay of Lübeck are sophisticated and well-known communities such as Grömitz, Scharbeutz and Timmendorfer Strand, which have a lot to offer their guests and are known for their imposing piers.

Water wherever you look – Schleswig-Holstein’s lake landscapes

Büsum, Schleswig-Holstein
Büsum is an attractive holiday destination for young and old, Photo: TMS Büsum GmbH

But not only the coasts of Schleswig-Holstein convince with their beautiful nature and many beautiful places where you like to stay, the interior of the state also has a lot to offer. In addition to the remarkable Kiel Canal, which flows through the whole of Schleswig-Holstein and connects the North Sea with the Baltic Sea, various lake districts are particularly interesting. The region around Lake Plön in Holstein Switzerland, which is considered the largest lake in Schleswig-Holstein, for example, impresses with an idyllic atmosphere and many leisure activities. Lake Ratzeburg, located further south, is also a very popular excursion destination with charm.

The cities of Schleswig-Holstein – pure maritime lifestyle

Many of the largest and most interesting cities in Schleswig-Holstein are located in the area of the Baltic Sea coast of the state directly by the sea. Kiel, the state capital of Schleswig-Holstein, is known for its important ferry port, which is located in the middle of the city and from which there are connections to Scandinavia and the Baltic States. Furthermore, Kiel is the venue for the internationally renowned sailing event Kiel Week every year, during which numerous regattas take place on the Baltic Sea. The second largest city in Schleswig-Holstein Lübeck, impressed by its many historical buildings, through which its history as a very important trading city, which played an important role especially in the times of the Hanseatic League, becomes clear. The European Hanseatic Museum, which is located in the city and offers many interesting exhibits, also commemorates this time. Probably the most famous building in Lübeck is the imposing Holsten Gate in today’s city centre, which is an absolute eye-catcher. In the very north of Schleswig-Holstein, on the border with Denmark , the beautiful city of Flensburg welcomes its guests and offers a beautiful backdrop for long walks due to its picturesque location on the Baltic Sea.

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The largest city in the area of the North Sea coast of Schleswig-Holstein is Husum, which is known above all for its idyllic harbour and a lovingly designed maritime museum.

Sights that inspire – Schleswig-Holstein has a lot to offer

Due to its varied landscapes and an eventful history, the beautiful state of Schleswig-Holstein is rich in attractions and sights, which can be found in all areas of the region.

In beautiful Dithmarschen in the southwest of the country, interested visitors can, for example, visit the Friedrichskoog seal station, where abandoned seals are prepared for their release. Further north, near the Schlei, on the other hand, you can visit the former Viking settlement of Haithabu, a sight that presents interesting cultural-historical backgrounds very vividly.

Several natural monuments of particular beauty are offered by the North Sea island of Sylt, where in addition to the legendary Red Cliff, the peninsula known as Ellenbogen, which marks the northernmost point of Germany, is also a destination worth seeing. The renowned Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival offers a very special cultural treat at various locations in Schleswig-Holstein, during which several classical concerts are played every summer at various locations throughout the state. Just as diverse as the cultural offerings of Schleswig-Holstein are the culinary offerings of the region, which offer many wonderful delicacies. Due to Schleswig-Holstein’s location, fish in all varieties is very popular, which is evident, for example, in the popular smoked fish speciality Kieler Sprotte, which actually comes from Eckernförde. Tasty marzipan from Lübeck is also world-famous.