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Blick auf den Timmendorfer Strand, Bild: Wolfgang Hauke / shutterstock

Timmendorfer Strand – holiday relaxation at the German Baltic Sea resort

Few places on the Baltic Sea attract as many travellers every year as Timmendorfer Strand. Not far from Lübeck and within easy reach of recreational destinations such as Hamburg, Kiel or Fehmarn, lies the fascinating Baltic Sea resort, which in good weather stands for holiday relaxation close to the sea. The history of the village dates back to the Middle Ages, and today it attracts tourist attention with its beach, piers and family excursion highlights such as SEA LIFE Timmendorfer Strand. So it is not surprising that the village of Timmendorfer Strand is now one of the best places to experience the Baltic Sea coast.

Holiday highlight – The coastal panorama at Timmendorfer Strand

Timmendorfer Strand
Simply fantastic, Image: Lars Stender / shutterstock

The real highlight of the seaside resort stretches over about seven kilometres: the beach. It is not without reason that a six-digit number of holidaymakers are drawn to Timmendorfer Strand every year. Relaxation in the typical beach chairs on the fine sandy coastal strip of the seaside resort is popular. Especially in the warm months, the region becomes a lively holiday destination in its beach area. If you’re not on the beach, you can stroll along the waterfront promenades or stop off at one of the cafés, restaurants and bars along the shore. The beach panorama is also impressive with its striking piers. The Seeschlösschen Bridge, which in its modern form protrudes 150 meters into the Baltic Sea , stands out in particular.

But the heart of Timmendorfer Strand does not only consist of the beach and promenade. In the middle of the village is the New Spa Park, which offers a pleasant contrast to beach life in the sunny months due to its lush green. The Trinkkurhalle within the park is now a popular venue for events and events. Timmendorfer Strand is also still home to the Old Spa Park, built in the 1930s, which is a little quieter with its historic face. The mix of beach, parks and sights makes the Baltic Sea resort of Timmendorfer Strand a serious option for a multifaceted Baltic Sea holiday.

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Niendorf – Relaxation at the beach and pier

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle, you can visit the Niendorf district to the east. The tranquil town has a prominent harbour that is intended for yachts and fishing boats. If you are interested in regional fishing, you can also discover the Niendorf fish market here, not far from which small restaurants and cafés are waiting for a stop. Despite the rather quieter village, Niendorf is a popular centre for events and events. Harbour festivals take place here, as well as the jazz festival JazzBaltica, which is now celebrated annually in the spa gardens of Timmendorfer Strand. Niendorf also has a section of beach, but it is a little less busy and fine-grained, like the popular sandy beach in Timmendorfer Strand. For this purpose, Niendorf has the Niendorf Bird Park, which currently offers a home to about 1,000 birds, some of them exotic species.

Local recreation destinations – Sea Life, Hemmelsdorfer See and co.

For holidaying families, the Sea Life on Timmendorfer Strand is particularly interesting. Since 1996, the large aquarium has been on display in the coastal region of the village. The aquarium takes up a lot of space: On an area of about 1,500 square meters, a wide variety of themed aquariums can be discovered – from rainforest habitats to Europe’s coastal worlds to a tropical underwater tunnel. Sea Life provides another facet in the interesting excursion program around Timmendorfer Strand. The same applies to the natural Hemmelsdorfer See, which unfolds directly south of Timmendorfer Strand and Niendorf. The lake is a popular local recreation area in Schleswig-Holstein and has existed since the last ice age. There is a prominent observation tower here, and ice sailing is particularly popular when the season is right.

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Lübeck, Hansa Park, Bad Segeberg – Popular excursions in the region

Holsten Gate
The Holsten Gate in Lübeck, Image: foto-select / shutterstock

However, those who choose their tourist accommodation in Timmendorfer Strand also benefit from a convenient location not far from the holiday highlights of Schleswig-Holstein. It is about 20 kilometres to Lübeck. The old town of Lübeck is not on the UNESCO World Heritage List for nothing. If you stay at Timmendorfer Strand, you should not miss local sights such as the Holsten Gate, St. Mary’s Church, St. Peter’s Church or Travemünde with its lighthouse and beach promenade. The popular Hansa Park is also nearby, which can be reached in 15 kilometres.

In an average year, millions of visitors are drawn to the park, which stands for varied entertainment with its attractions – from roller coasters to water rides. The excursion programme from Timmendorfer Strand is rounded off by popular day trips such as Bad Segeberg with its Karl May Festival on the Kalkberg, the port city of Kiel, the world metropolis of Hamburg and the holiday island of Fehmarn. One thing is clear: The popularity of Timmendorfer Strand is not only fed by the scenic beach location and the beautiful coastal region, but also by the optimal location not far from some of the absolute highlights on the Baltic Sea coast of Schleswig-Holstein