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Blick auf Middelburg, Bild: engel.ac / shutterstock

Holidays in Middelburg: The charming capital of the Dutch province of Zeeland

Middelburg is a true pearl of the Netherlands and offers visitors some special features. One of the first things you notice when strolling through the charming streets and narrow streets of Middelburg are the impressive historic buildings. The city exudes a unique atmosphere that is shaped by its rich history. An absolute highlight is the late Gothic town hall, a magnificent building that will amaze you. It is one of the most beautiful buildings in the Netherlands. But that’s not all, the city has so much more to offer.

Discover the highlights of Middelburg

The canals that wind through the city give Middelburg a romantic and architecturally valuable touch. You can take a boat tour and discover the city from a different perspective. It is a relaxed way to admire the beauty of the canals and the picturesque bridges. A special highlight is the famous “Lange Jan”. The Long Jan Tower is part of the imposing Abbey of Middelburg, which is also worth a visit. After climbing the 207 steps of the tower, you will be rewarded with a breathtaking view over the city and the surrounding countryside. An absolute must for every guest!

Special things to do in Middelburg and the surrounding area

Middelburg, Zeeland
View of the Middelburg Canal, Image: Aastels / shutterstock

Attention history lovers! Middelburg is home to the Zeeuws Museum, which takes you on a fascinating journey through the turbulent past. Here you can marvel at works of art, historical artifacts and traditional costumes and learn more about the development and life of the past. The culture of Zeeland is closely linked to maritime trade and its unique location on the North Sea coast. Zeeland consists of several islands and peninsulas that are connected by dikes and dams.

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For nature lovers, Middelburg therefore offers many options on and around the water. You can rent bikes and explore the surrounding area. Take your time to enjoy the fresh sea air and unwind. Other highlights in the vicinity of Middelburg are a canoe trip on the Door Walcheren canal and Miniatuur Walcheren. Rent a canoe and explore Middelburg along the branched water network. A relaxed and picturesque paddling tour awaits you with fantastic photo opportunities. Miniatuur Walcheren is a miniature park that depicts the region with astonishing precision. The attention to detail and craftsmanship are impressive. A fascinating way to admire the sights of the surrounding area in miniature. Interactive elements make a visit an exciting experience for every age group. Yes, sometimes the magic is in the small things!

Local delicacies

What would a visit to the Netherlands be without delicious food? In Middelburg you can discover the local cuisine of Zeeland. After a relaxed stroll through modern boutiques, cosy cafés invite you to linger. Be sure to try “Zeeuwse Bolussen”, delicious sweet pastries whose delicious taste you won’t soon forget. Of course, you will also find plenty of top-notch restaurants in Middelburg that serve great seafood dishes. By the way: an enjoyable break offers the perfect opportunity to observe the hustle and bustle of the city. Who loves it too?

History of a city

Middelburg Town Hall
Middelburg City Hall, Image: Allard One / shutterstock

Middelburg has a rich and interesting history that dates back to the Middle Ages. The current capital of Zeeland was officially granted city rights in 1217. Middelburg was founded as early as the 9th century. By the way, the name of the city means something like a medium-sized protective structure, which indicates the strategic location on a water arm of the North Sea . The well-preserved city walls of Middelburg are a testimony to the historic defensive fortifications. Today, they are a popular place for walks and offer a green oasis in the middle of the city.

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During the so-called Golden Age of the Netherlands in the 17th century, Middelburg experienced a heyday. The city was an important transshipment point for the trade of spices, tea, textiles and other goods from overseas. The Dutch East India Company had its first headquarters in the city before it was moved to Amsterdam . It played a crucial role in maritime trade and made the Netherlands one of the leading maritime powers of its time.

Before the heyday of the Hanseatic city, Middelburg came under Spanish occupation. That was in the 16th century. After long struggles, the Dutch managed to drive out the Spaniards and gain independence. The Kloveniersdoelen dates from this time. The impressive building was an important meeting place for the vigilantes. Today, the building serves as a cultural center. Concerts, exhibitions and other events take place here. So it’s worth taking a look at the calendar of events.


Middelburg is closely linked to the history of maritime trade, maritime history and the influence of different cultures. This is still reflected in the city’s architecture and cultural heritage today. Middelburg is a city that looks proudly at its past and at the same time welcomes visitors with open arms who want to discover its rich history. We hope that our blog post will help you discover the beauty of Middelburg on your own.

Whether strolling through the streets or taking a boat on the bright canals – let the special atmosphere of the enchanting city work its magic on you. Finally, I would like to give you a tip: Every Thursday the weekly market takes place in Middelburg. If you have the chance to visit him, take it! Here you can buy fresh local produce, chat with the friendly locals and find authentic souvenirs to take home. Have fun exploring!