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Las Vegas, Bild: littlenySTOCK / shutterstock

Holidays in Las Vegas – What you shouldn’t miss

When someone goes on a journey, he can tell something – this saying is well known and there is always exciting to tell about the new experiences and experiences. If you also travel to Las Vegas, you will hardly be able to resist new impressions. And since everything that happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas, a particularly large number of bachelor parties are celebrated here – not only by the bachelors, but also by the brides-to-be.

If you want, you can get in the mood for your Sin City vacation and visit casinos in advance and do a few rounds on the slots online or play a few hands of blackjack. A comparison portal to find the best casinos is advisable, because everything should be done right. The online casinos listed here are reputable and licensed and offer players a fair and safe gaming environment. The selection of games can be compared to the offer in the casinos in Las Vegas and strategies for blackjack can be rehearsed.

Once in Las Vegas, the question of the best casino inevitably arises. Whether Caesars Palace, Bellagio, Golden Nugget, MGM Grand or another casino, the selection is large, but they all have a lot to offer visitors. At Caesars Palace, guests can have their food delivered to their table with their own app, while at MGM Grand, Pac-Man is also available. If you are enthusiastic about table games, you will find the largest offer at Golden Nugget Casino, where you can even play Free Bet Blackjack. The Bellagio – best known from countless movies – offers a poker room with a daily Texas Holdem tournament. If you play too long, you can treat yourself to a neck massage in between so as not to lose concentration.

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Great things to do off the strip

Bellagio Water
Water show in front of the Bellagio Hotel in 2012, Image: Paul Brady Photography / shutterstock

But Las Vegas doesn’t just impress with its casinos, because day trips to the surrounding area bring variety and adventure feeling. The Hoover Dam – named after the American President Herbert Hoover – is an impressive dam between Nevada and Arizona and, together with the dam of the Colorado River, ensures a controlled release of water. Most of the time, this day trip also includes exploring the Grand Canyon, one of the greatest natural wonders on earth.

Water lovers can relax on the guided ClearView Bottom kayak tour to the Black Canyon’s Emerald Cave. The spectacular shades in different shades of green really make an impression.

Musical Entertainments

In almost every large casino hotel, shows or performances by stars are on the agenda. For example, you can be enchanted by magicians, visit a musical , entertain yourself in a comedy club or be impressed by a burlesque show. The performances of the world-famous Cirque du Soleil or the Blue Man Group, which have been selling out houses for years, are also very popular.

Behind the Blue Man Group are three people in black suits with blue-painted skin who put on a fantastic show based on comedy, music and interaction, making for an entertaining evening for visitors.

Cirque du Soleil introduces itself to guests with six shows in Las Vegas, all of which will make mouths open. Acrobats, dancers and musicians present themselves in a unique and exciting way in fantastic costumes and spectacular scenes that viewers will talk about for a long time to come.

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Las Vegas is a city that has much more to offer than just casinos. Those who visit Sin City can be sure to experience adventure, entertainment and fun and quickly make the resolution to return soon.